Roses will bloom again  


Roses will bloom again, just wait and see.

Don’t mourn what might have been.

Only God knows how and when.

Roses will bloom again.

~Marcia Henry


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  1. Beautiful rose! Is this one of yours ? Surely not this early ? Also really beautiful poem.

  2. I have always loved this song. Have you listened to all it’s words? It’s such a touching song. I am wondering, too, if this is one of your roses? My miniature rosebush has put forth it’s first little bud, it’s always exciting to me to see the first roses. My love had promised me a rosebush, which we are planning on buying this week. Should it be a pure red, pale pink, peach or the color of sunrise? So many decisions…

  3. The rose is one of mine– the last rose of last summer, to be honest.  And no, Lucy, I don’t have any blooming yet.  It has been cold in DE. And HIM, the song is one of my favorites, and I tried to get it downloaded here so that the words could be heard, too, but the only one I could find that was free was sung through someone’s nose in a way that would have offended half of my readers — so I decided to settle for this for now.  Maybe I can change it if I find something better.

  4. aunt mary, i Love your picture of you and uncle daniel! You two mean soo much to me! love ya both

  5. RL just called me from south of St.Paul MN 284 miles away, 4 hours and 45 minutes away @ 64 mph or less. The trucks are set to go no faster than 64. He’ll love the layered lettuce salad I have waiting for him, he loves vegetables and salad. I hope he’ll help me eat this quiche. He is an easy keeper and actually eats very little at a time nor does he very often asks me to fix anything special. But he will call me when he’s nearing home and ask if I have lettuce or vegetables on hand.  I thought maybe the singing on your site was Holly’s group. It is beautiful.

  6. BEG, your rose is beautiful!  It makes me want to plant roses again.  They do really well out here, believe it or not!
    RYC about the big sky.  I know exactly what you mean!  When I go back to the midwest, I feel almost claustrophobic!

  7. I luv roses, very nice one!
    Thank you for sharing

  8. BEG, see my site for more detail of our place.

  9. My rosebush “Love and Peace” has been purchased and planted. I am eagerly awaiting the blooming of the buds.
    Modesty in high school formal affairs can and often is a big problem. Thankfully, my daughters all dress in a way that they exceed the requirements set forth by the committee.  They feel very exposed if there is a hint of a too low neckline, etc. Last year, one of the guests attending this Formal did not meet the requirements, and they literally tucked a pretty scarf (that they had on hand for such a purpose) in and around the bodice to bring it up to the standards. The committee takes it very seriously that young girls are not to cause a young man to stumble by wearing too revealing clothes, even in this setting.
    Maybe you and I should start out on a preaching journey!

  10. Thanks for your kind words.  I wish we could join you for your cookout.  We have a son to move home that weekend from Kansas City for the summer and another son who will be moving home the next week I think.  You asked if I thought the year has been a long one?  I think it feels a little different with Jeremy and Sarah then it did when Shane was in YES, because they had been married a year and I was used to them not being at home.  It was wonderful to have them home for overnight the other week.  I enjoy cooking and spoiling them for a bit.  I wish I could tell you more about my brothers accident, but I find it difficult to talk about when I know the whole world could read what I say.

  11. Thinking about you this day and hoping you are accomplishing all you want to see done today!

  12. There are many wild turkeys in this area.Many hunters also. Between deer, pheasent and turkey season there are many hunters visiting our area or buying the timber land to hunt on. My hubby also hates to kill anything and never hunts. Nor do our sons. The son-in-law on the other hand loves to hunt and has a freezer he keeps filled with the meat he provides.

  13. I don’t have a schedule for the team, but somewhere I got wind that they would be in FL for the month of May.  I’m making plans to rent a camper so they can all stay with us when they come through here in June.  They plan to be here for about a week. We are having a head pastor selection while they are here, and they plan to take some days off and rest.  Our house will be full.  Our other 2 sons will also move home for the summer.

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