“Our” Graduate RN

Last week was Cheryl’s graduation from Beebe School of Nursing.  The course is demanding at the very least and almost impossible some days.  Cheryl has endeared herself to our family because, first of all, she loves Jeremy.  And he is ours, so that is half the story right there.  But beyond that, we Yoders tend to be scary, and Cheryl loves us anyhow.  (At least, she makes us feel like she loves us anyhow!!!  There could be a difference.)

Cheryl with her Grandma Heatwole

  Cheryl with her Grandmother Heatwole in the background


Cheryl and Mama

 Cheryl with Jeremy’s Grandma Yoder


Cheryl and her dad 

This is Cheryl with her proud Dad.  (I missed getting a picture of her pretty Mom– Sorry Marj!) 


Cheryl and her guy 

 Cheryl and her man.  I love this picture of the two of them. 
And in September, Lord willing,
They will be three!




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  1. Such great pictures. Congratulations to Cherl! They make a very nice looking couple. September will be here before you know it,very exciting. Much happiness in your family BEG.

  2. Wonderful tribute to Cheryl.  It was special having you all there at the graduation.    
    Thanks Mary for being in their cheering section!  They do make a cute couple if I must say so.   Can’t wait till they are “three”!
    Thanks for your comments  Mary.  Love You, Polly Wolly

  3. What a great Mother-in Law you are!  And a grandchild on the way!  What fun awaits you.

  4. Anonymous

    Actually i’m not really non~resistant! I was raised that way, but I never really could see the point!  I guess It’s time for me to change my Xanga name, lol. I would be honored to fight for yours and my freedoms! And I am very grateful to all the men and women who are over fighting not only for our freedoms, but for the freedoms of other countries!  It shows America is truly a great nation! Thanks for the concern though! God Bless. Chris

  5. I know some Heatwole’s who are pastors in the Salavation army!  Thanks for stopping by my site…Lord bless you!

  6. Actually, I am not having a grandbaby.  Sigh.  But Pollythepatchworker is.  Jeremy is the son of her and my youngest brother.  And in our family, we all kinda “own” all the grandchildren.  We celebrate their successes, we grieve when they fail or when they make mistakes, we love them and their spouses and we pray, pray, PRAY for their faithfulness to the Heavenly Father and for the careful making of strong Christian families. . My Mama has 27 grandchildren (15 boys, 12 girls —  Nine of the grandchildren are married and the tenth one is getting married in less than two weeks, Lord Willing) and 8 great grandchildren (5 girls and 3 boys) with 2 more on the way.  I’m sorry to have led so many of you astray, and I wish that I could say that Jeremy is my son, but he isn’t.  And I don’t think Pollythepatchworker (his Mama) and My brother, Mark (his daddy) would be very happy if I didn’t straighten out this little matter.  (I will not mention the fact that he(Mark) is the fourth child in our family of six and he is hogging the grandchildren.  He had the first ones, and has steadfastly stayed ahead.  They currently have four with #5 on the way.  Middle brother has 3 and Eldest brother has but one with one on the way.  So they could afford to let me have this one.  But I am not holding my breath!)

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