May I remind all my

fellow laborers that

food to put in the freezer

 is an incredible


Thank you, Lord!!!


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  1. Mary I’m assuming that Yellow letters mean CORN.  Howd you day go girl?  Heard you were doing that yellow stuff for April.  Looking forward to seeing the pictures!  Love You.

  2. Hope your day went well… kinda corny?  Glad you had a good day on Fri.

  3. Anonymous

    Amen to that!  I’ve been very thankful for the tomato’s that I’ve been blessed with this year, and have been canning, and the corn we did awhile ago, too. 

  4. Yes indeed, you may remind, and I will ponder that whilst I work my way through 600 of those yellow ears today.  I will also thank the good Lord for lots of willing hands to help!  (She said hopefully.)

  5. On days like this you can almost hear the corn growing! The heat and humidity must be good for something. When will you be doing more corn? I don’t need to do very many ears this year since I cook for two most of the time. Let us know “small group” plans. lm

  6. Dear Buckeyegirlie girl,yes although I now have no need for canning and freezing produce I remember the times very well when the bounty of my garden was sometimes overwhelming but yet wonderful. I’d line up my colorful jars full of the jewel colors of green beans, tomato juice etc and let them display on the counter as if prizes worked for and won.  The freezer would be full of home raised beef,packets of vegtables and fruit. We had apple trees and freezing apples for pie filling was a major task. Guess it is the natural process to get to the point I am at now.

  7. Yes, thank you Lord, and thank YOU, MaryAnn for the blessing of your facilities and help yesterday.  Mom and I were a bit overwelmed with everything.   It feels so good to have all that in the freezer, waiting to be consumed and we know it would have been very difficult to do all that on our own.   So thank you again….

  8. Amen!  Love your music1

  9. Thank you for the corn you sent with your DD.  I took a bite of it last night before I went to bed … meant to only smell it, but that got the best of me.    Oh, so good.  Blessings on your busy day.

  10. Wow!  The song playing on your sight is one of the songs sung today at the funeral of 19 month old Natalie.  It seemed especially appropiate for a little one.  We know she is Safe in The Arms of Jesus.  How precious!

  11. I would of helped ya’ll if I knew ahead of time that you guys were doing corn, but oh well….

  12. Thought of you when I read this verse…The Lord did not set His love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people,…….But because the Lord loved you, and because He would keep the oath he had sworn unto your fathers,…….Deut. 7: 7-8 love ya, have a good day.

  13. Anonymous

    Mary Ann, I passed by the house twice during the crazy corn-fest… I really wanted to stop by, but alas, the library ladies needed me 🙂 Love you and I too cannot wait until the end of those 15 days!!!

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