pretty flowers

The rising wind caught one of my flower boxes and dumped my beautiful begonias on their heads under the weight of the box and the dirt.  I came home from my Mama’s house and found the chaos.  I looked at the strewn dirt and broken stems and battered flower petals.  I thought about the broken things in our lives that we have pretty much given our hearts to, and how sometimes it looks like there is nothing worth salvaging.  I wanted to cry.

more un pretty flowers

And then I remembered another flower box earlier this summer that pretty much the same thing happen to it.  It wasn’t as big as this one, and maybe not as heavy.  But I put the flowers back in as best I could and gave it some careful watching.  And trusted my Heavenly Father.  It grew back as pretty as ever.  I probably couldn’t tell you if I had to which one had suffered the trauma. 

Un pretty flowers

So I picked up these plants as carefully as possible, and laid them up on the table.  I reassembled the planter and carefully replanted the flowers and dirt and added some fresh dirt.   There is a storm moving in tonight, and after that is over, I will snip and reshape and see what happens.  The plants are healthy, just injured.  Maybe Autumn will bear new flowers.

“. . . If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know my brother that He will carry you.

If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know, my sister, that He will carry you . . .”

(By the way — a new song is playing)



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  1. Hello Aunt Mary!, I just was here asking mom something and she went to your site, and I heard your music…I just love this song, and had to say something!….it getts me all excited to go to heaven.. Thanks for the reminder to live for eternity.
    God Bless

  2. Mary, what a special post.  I take great comfort in knowing our Heavenly Father take tender care of me and the mess I make of things. 

  3. Love that song! Yvonne often plays it on the piano and we enjoy singing it! (we certainly do not sound anywhere near as good as this group but we love it) I like very much your equating the begonia repair to our lives. Sometimes it looks hopeless doesn’t it, but there is always hope and nothing is impossible with The Lord. This last year and several months has been the most challenging of my life, but not hopeless! Thanks for posting this, it is an encouraging post.

  4. Great reminder of God’s love and care of us – especially during the times when we have been wounded and things look hopeless.

  5. Thank you for the reminder! Several years ago I taught a  Sunday School lesson on being pruned, and how painful it is at the time, but then when the new growth comes in, the work is worth it all! Thank you for sharing.

  6. what a beautiful reminder of a hope-giving reality.  mw

  7. That’s a great analogy, Mary Ann. I love the way God gives you insights like that for the rest of us to be blessed by. By the way, who are the singers doing “I’ll Fly Away”? They have such good voices.

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