Lord of many blessings,

Here I raise my grateful praise —

For Golden Autumn Days.

For a Washing Machine that works.

For MERCY from a case manager over clerical errors.

For MERCY from a pharmacy when insurance wouldn’t cover Nettie’s much needed meds.

For a Husband whose words and hands and actions speak LOVE.

For Offspringin’s whose respect is more than I deserve.

For this big old farmhouse that has been home for seventeen years.

For the Love of a Sweet Mama whose presence blesses and encourages me.

 For our Church Family.  For Sins Forgiven.  For the Eternal Hope of Heaven.

Oh, Lord Jesus.
So many things to be thankful for!
So few words to adequately express my praise.
May you be pleased to inhabit the praise of your handmaiden.
And may you be pleased to live in my heart.


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  1. And the Lord said, “See that handmaiden in Delaware with the grateful heart? I’m going to give her the true desires of her heart and show Myself strong to her. She just prepared the way for Me to show her My salvation.”

  2. Good morning Dear BEG,I appreciate this posting so much. On my list of things to be thankful for I must put your name. You are an encourager and your writings always touch my heart.

  3. What a lovely prayer of thanksgiving!  “Counting my  blessings, one by one,” as the song goes (I think.), would be another good title for us all to post under.

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