Our Week

After that last posting —

Our Nettie Girl had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on Wednesday Morning.  In the evening, I took Youngest Daughter to Drivers’ Ed and shopped for some things for the Pollard/Miller wedding.  Delivered it to someone who took it to somewhere and someone picked it up there, and took it to Pennsylvania.  So it would be there before the last minute for the wedding.  What a blessing the people of God are!

Wednesday evening, while shopping, we got word that our friends, Marty and Dianne Wenger were coming for the night on Thursday evening.  They hoped to see some people from church.  There was a church cleaning planned for Thursday night, but we decided to have a simple supper and invite some people who knew their family for supper.  After which, Certain Man, Youngest Daughter and maybe Middle Daughter would go forth to the cleaning at the church basement.

Thursday Morning was usual Bible Study.  The children behaved very well.  The babysitters did a splendid job.  The Ladies participated and contributed and the time was sweet.  And when they left, Certain Man’s Wife galvanized into action to make the supper.

AAA -- Marty and Diane
Marty, holding Rosie, Diane hold Galadriel, Clara holding Pierce, Corin, and Kirdan Wenger

Marty and Diane and six of their seven children (+ the dog) arrived before one o’clock,   and it was so good to see their faces, to hug Diane, to talk of our journeys since we saw eachother, and catch up.  Diane peeled the apples for apple dumplings, we finished up the soup, and along about 5:30, Gokum and her husband and GrammaDottie and her husband showed up, and we had a simple supper of Chicken Corn Noodle Soup, Cottage Cheese Salad, Sweet Muffins, and Apple Dumplings.  After supper, Gokum and her husband, Certain Man and Youngest Daughter left for church, and shortly thereafter, Middle Daughter was called upon to take something to Church that was needed there.  “Can I take the van?” She queried.  I thought about that and decided there was no reason why not.  Ah, Woe is me.  She left for church, and our company hung around for a while.  About 8:30, after everyone had gone and Diane and I were cleaning up, it suddenly dawned on my fur brain that I needed Nettie’s meds before bedtime.  (This is why I use Happy Harry’s who stay open on weeknights until 9:00– I often forget until late that I need something!).  But then I didn’t have a vehicle.  Except for the car that Middle Daughter drives which belongs to Youngest Brother and has a bad reputation for letting poor uninformed women quite stranded.  If there were time, there would be a CMW story concerning the adventure to the drugstore in said car.  For pity sakes, and oh, dear me!  What a trip!  But I finally got home again, in one piece but considerable more worn down than I had been when I left.

Some Scenes from Friday Morning

AAA --  Clara shivers
Clara Shivers!

AAA -- Corin and Kirdan
Two handsome Wenger Boys — Corin and Kirdan

AAA -- getting ready to take off
Getting loaded to leave — this is a full flivver!

Friday morning, we made breakfast for our company, and at 9:40 we got them off, and then soon after 9:45, Certain Man and I went to pick up my Sweet Mama for a trip to Baltimore for a six month check-up with her thoracic surgeon.  We had some adventures finding the hospital since he is practicing out of a different hospital, but we finally found the place, and saw the doctor (and everything is great!) then came home again, flew to Georgetown to pick up Middle Daughter’s (finally!) repaired car.  We needed to get tags and registration (inspection was already done) so we picked up the papers, flew to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles — and got turned down at 4:24 because of a technicality.  (Certain Man was not happy!)  Came home again, and left shortly afterwards to go to Youngest Sister’s house for supper.

AAA --  Youngest Sister
One of my incredible sisters — (Youngest One, this time) fields yet another phone call.

 What a great evening!  Middle Brother and his sweet wife, Rose,

AAA --  Nel and Rose

 their son, Mike, his pretty, pregnant wife, Heather, their two splendid children, Lauren and Jadon,

AAA --  Lauren
Lauren plays!

with my Sweet Mama, sat around the table with Alma, Jerrel and Gabriel and had the best supper I’ve had in a long time.

AAA -- Rose and her grandbabies
Rose and her grandbabies, Jadon and Lauren

AAA -- Nel and his grandbabies
Nel with the same two little ones.  How very much they light up our lives!

This morning, then, it was up to give showers to Cecelia and Nettie-girl.  Then we gathered up
Beloved Son in law and Eldest Daughter    AAA --  BSIL & ED

as well as Youngest Daughter    AAA -- My beautiful Rachel

and sped to Greenwood where we picked up

my Sweet Mama, AAA -- Sweet Mama

and headed to Pennsylvania for the wedding of Jeremy Miller and Renee Pollard.  AAA -- the program

This was a grand event, AAA -- the Vows

and we saw so many friends, AAA -- Antonio and Juanita
AAA -- pretty girlsAAA -- A & J's daughter
AAA --  Bride and Groom
visited with people we hadn’t seen in a long time, and witnessed a beautiful wedding.  We had good food, and good fellowship and good admonition.  When the afternoon was well spent, we piled back into the car, made a quick side trip to Good’s Store which we found closed, then headed for home.  We pulled into the driveway at Shady Acres at about 8:30 to smell brown sugar cookies baking, and a house that was quiet and orderly.  Middle Daughter had kept the home fires going, and it was warm and inviting.

So that is why there has been very little updating going on around this house in the last few days.  This morning I had pretty much determined to take a fast from the computer.  It still doesn’t sound like a bad idea. –but I wanted to post some of these pictures, and I wanted to tell you about this incredibly interesting and most demanding week — I also wanted to tell you of the blessings of our Heavenly Father.

Good News from Baltimore about Mama’s Health

Successful Surgery for Nettie

A basement at Church that is basically finished

Good friends who came to share supper with us and our visiting friends

Good fellowship, great times catching up with Marty and Diane

A way for Wedding things to get to PA without any last minute scramble

A new Home established where the Name of Jesus will be lifted up

And last, but not least, Certain Man — who took off work on Friday to drive us to Baltimore and back again, and drove every mile to Lancaster and back today.  I’m thankful for his good driving, and for the protection of the Lord over us.


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24 responses to “Our Week

  1. Wow!! I am tired after reading that post!! But I’m so glad you took the time to do it and to share all those blessings from such a full week. Sometime when you’re bored (!) you can write about that trip to the pharmacy in Lem’s car. Where in PA was the wedding?

  2. Mercy me–I’m plumb wore out reading all them there activities!  Sounds like one of those weeks that I’m glad to get to the end of.  (I’ll quit whilst my grammer and prepositions can still squirm a little.)

  3. Happy Birthday, my friend.  Did you forget … or just not want to mention it yourself?  Hope you can finally sit and prop your feet up today and let someone else pamper you for a change.  Surely do love you. 

  4. Whew!
    It took forever for me to download all those pictures, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope this next week is a bit more normal, whatever normal is for you.   Love you!

  5. Happy Happy blessed b-day
    and many more!

  6. Yes, Happy Birthday from me too. I get so used to seeing birthdates on people’s sites that I don’t even notice them. Is anyone doing anything special for you today?

  7. What a delightful post!  Your life is indeed full and overflowing!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday Dear Mary. Happy birthday to you!   You’re one special gal who deserves more then one SPECIAL day.    
    Love You,    Polly Wolly

  8. Happy Birthday, Mary Ann.  I enjoyed reading about your week.  Have you ever thought of taking up a hobby or doing volunteer service at the hospital, or some other worthy project to fill in your leisure time?  ; )  Love you.

  9. Anonymous

    I see it’s your birthday!!  Hope you have a good one!  Maybe the dust will settle a little for you to enjoy a nice soak in a bubble bath or something leisure??  My sister is friends with Marty and Diane, so it was interesting to see the pictures you have of them.  Blessings to you and yours~

  10. I believe you have been busy!!  Lovely post of pictures!   Happy Birthday ~

  11. Happy Birthday, Friend! Anything you do this week may seem boring after such a bustling, busy, interesting week. Hope you have a restful, pleasant day. LM

  12. Oh my, what a week you have had. Hectic, but filled with so many precious things! And I do wish you a very Happy Birthday!! I am hoping your family is doing something wonderful for you, like telling you to put your feet up or to take a long nap! It was so good to hear from you!

  13. WOW!  I thought I was busy!  My sister millermom812 sent me to your site.  Just wanted to let you know we have mutual friends!  We went to church with Marty and Diane in OK. Our boys are very good friends, and we are now both pastoral couples in the same church conference!  Small world!

  14. Hey hey Birthday Girl!We are hoping you have had and are having a great day! May the Lord Bless you now and in the years to come! You certainly keep busy and accomplish so much! I do hope today you were able to be pampered a bit! Your pictures are so nice I enjoyed them! Take Care!  btw ryc: Dominie had guests here for the afternoon and 2  Buck Chuck was not invited nor did he make an appearence! Also Jenny Craig has certainly not been a part of our gatherings as we have eaten far more often and far more than if we were back in Iowa. Once again my best wishes to you as you celebrate your birthday.

  15. Aunt Mary, don’t you call yourself an old fat aunt on my site agian! Even if you think its true, I might have to block you if you do it agian…pleasantly plump I’ll allow, but not fat.
    I’m coming home on the 19th, I’m leaving on the 22nd. Will I get to see you? Hope so–I love you!!! Bye.

  16. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old p.p. aunt! (Can you guess what that is code for? I’ll tell you on my site)

  17. Hello,Happy Birthday, Friend! Hope you have a great week-end now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yes, you have the right Bertha in mind.  In fact, the reason for their visit was because they attended Emma’s daughter’s wedding in Philadelphia yesterday.  Bertha’s husband, Elmer, is a brother to my husband’s father.  They still live in Plain City, OH.  Small world!

  19. Happy Birthday to you!  And I’m glad to hear you mama is doing well.  Tell her hello and give her a hug for me! 

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BEG!!!!!!!!  Hope it was great!

  21. Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady!!!   you are a great example of a Godly woman!!

  22. Hi Mary Ann…I was wondering if you had an address for Raph while he is out at the SEND house. I found a funny card I want to send him. Thanks! 🙂

  23. I have returned to the land of trees,grass and rolling hills. We had such a nice time in sunny lovely Az  but it is good to be back in beautiful southern*damp* Iowa

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