I was sitting at my dining room table on Friday afternoon, enjoying the chimes.  A pretty good wind had blown in, and there were some warnings about gusts up to 40 m.p.h.  That made my chimes really bong about, and it sounded so good. 

Suddenly I thought about the fact that that wind would probably blow my flower boxes off my deck railing.  Especially those to the NorthEast and the SouthWest.  So I was just about to go out there and take them down when I heard a Ka-plunk sounding sort of noise in a rather forceful sort of way.  I looked out and three boxes were already down.  So I betook myself out there to get the others down quickly before more of them succumbed to the elements.

I did pretty well at taking down the remaining six or seven side boxes until the last one, full of water from our day of rain, trailed a long. cold stream of water down my leg.  Then I had to go to the bathroom.  Urgently.

I thought about those three boxes that were still down, and thought that I would come right back out and try to put them back together after I attended to the matter at hand.

Well.  The phone rang.  The ladies came home.  Youngest Daughter came home from school.  And there was one thing and then another and finally, it was dark, and I still hadn’t gotten my flower boxes picked up.  So I trotted out there and picked up the worst of them, and carefully tried to put it back together.  I kept thinking, “It is almost time for a good frost, and all of these will be history.  Why am I trying so hard?”  But I couldn’t get past the thought that maybe it wouldn’t frost hard for a few more weeks, and these begonias are so pretty yet, so I got the first box back together.

Then I thought that maybe I should take a few pictures of my poor, on the deck and on the ground flowers.  So I did, and here they are!

BBB-- Broken flowers 2

BBB-- Broken flowers 1

BBB-- Broken flowers 4

But I did get them all picked up and put back together for the time being.  I will need at least one new box next year, but the box the suffered the worst damage is one of my oldest ones, so it doesn’t really owe me anything.

And now, watch that killer frost move in tonight.  We’ve had hard frost, but my flowers haven’t been touched.  The trees and the deck and house seemed to have protected them.  I am glad to enjoy them for a few more days.


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  1. Ohhhhh, I feel for you!  It breaks your heart to see something you nuture along like your beautiful flowers and then  they go ka-plop!  I am glad you are able to salvage them for next year.  I know our bouganvillaea will be hit soon by a frost since they are so tropical.  I am dredding that day because I love them so.
    Your chimes are lovely!  Wish I could hear them on your post!

  2. I hope you get a few weeks to enjoy your pretty flowers. 

  3. Hello , It is cold to have some frost tomorrow now to. I am not going for the winter coming at all yet. I am not ready for it at all. I want to put this prayer on here now. I was thinking it is to cute not to. Hope you have a great week-end now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!! I Said a Prayer for You Today I said a prayer for you todayAnd know God must have heard.I felt the answer in my heartAlthough He spoke no word!I didn’t ask for wealth of fame(I knew you wouldn’t mind).I asked Him to send treasuresOf a far more lasting kind!I asked that He’d be near youAt the start of each new day;To grant your health and blessingsAnd friends to share your way!I asked for happiness for youIn all things great and small.But it was for His loving careI prayed the most of all!

  4. Oh how sad!– to see your flowers splayed across the ground so– I rather enjoyed seeing them from the second story window last week.  As for the Wilbur Bud– it is an item with fermentation only in its remote history–way back when the hulls are fermented off the cocoa beans in Africa.  Then by the wonders of transportation and concoction there is developed in Lititz, Pennsylvania these most delightful creamy little cone-shaped brown pieces at the Wilbur Chocolate factory. My tongue thinks that no other chocolate from North America can compare!   And Thank You ever so much for the pampering and feeding with which you blessed us.  It will not be soon forgotten.  mw

  5. Oh well, even if the killer frost comes tonight, at least they will know that they were loved and had a respectful demise. I visited lifebidder’s sight to see what the fuss about Wilbur Buds was all about. I shall have to educate you about this amazing product of my home town!!

  6. I agree with MW, Maryann thanks for the pampering and feeding – the chicken soup was delightful.  And ain’t Dr. August a good psychiatrist?  Yep the wonders he’s done for some of the residents at Stockley have been phenomenal.  Of course the ever changing field of new psychotics helps as well.  Glad your ladies got some help.

  7. Your post made me cry for you, for me, for all of us.  When there’s so much death and dying around, it seems the least we can do is pick up the flowers and make them right for just a few more days or weeks.  I surely do love you!

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