Monday Morning

We survived the week!

And what a week it was!  My Nettie-girl was in the hospital from Monday until last night.  She developed a staph infection in the site of her carpal tunnel incision, and had to have IV antibiotics.  She is very tired, but is doing well otherwise.  She has to have occupational therapy three times a week for four weeks.  This will make for some interesting scheduling.

I had bronchitis all week.  I’ve been on antibiotics for seven days now, and it is starting to break up.  Still coughing, still feeling a bit under the weather, but things are looking up.

We made 1300 apple pies.  Go on over to and see all the work we did.  I knew that we were having revival meetings and Nettie and I were both sick, so I didn’t think that I would be having too much to do with it.  I said that I could work a “few hours” on Thursday afternoon, and a “few hours” on Friday — ended up being a whole lot more — like 6 on Thursday and 9 on Friday.  I still didn’t do as much as some mothers who were there lots more than I was.  But the project got done, and the pies got delivered.  And that is that.  I don’t have any more children coming on, so that was my one and only time for the pie fundraiser.

We had revivals from Wednesday to Sunday with Simon Schrock.  What a wonderful, blessed time we had.  Simon is an encourager, an easy to listen to, and straightforward man.  He stepped on my toes, (OUCH!!!) made me laugh, made me think, and encouraged my husband in a most helpful way.   It was an oasis in a muddlesome week.

There was one problem, though with all the goings on.  It so happened that my dear friend, had her yearly open house on Friday night and Saturday.  Between church and pies and having Simon and Polly for lunch on Saturday, my entire house forgot all about it.  Could you have another one, MKG?

I had a mishap yesterday morning while getting ready for carry-in at church.  The heavy wooden lid on the top of my rolling trash can in the kitchen was open while Middle Daughter was peeling potatoes for potato salad, and I came around to throw something into the trash can, bumped the lid just right and it came crashing down on my ankle.  I thought I was going to faint, it hurt so bad!  But there was no time to do more than ascertain that nothing was broken.  So now my ankle is bruised and even fatter than normal and I really would like to just put it up and forget it!  But there is laundry to do, cleaning to get done and planning to do.

Our sons are coming home — Eldest Son this weekend for a week, and Youngest Son next week for a few days over Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait.  How glorious it will be to have the children home — Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law just down the road and the other four under our roof for a few nights.  We want to have “Little Christmas” together, and then, it is off to Nepal for Eldest Son.  I miss him already.

I could use some extra prayers these next few weeks.  We always celebrated Daddy’s birthday over the Thanksgiving weekend.  And He was with us last year for “Little Christmas” before Lem left for his REACH outreach.  I have been playing Christmas music, and it brings back alot of memories.  I was singing Christmas carols with our church family at our annual Christmas program when the call came that they didn’t expect him to live through the night.  I really didn’t think I would associate Christmas with his homegoing, but I was just whistling in the dark. . . I’m finding it really tugs.  I chose to be thankful that he is safely home for this season, and I thank God that He made a way for us to safely cross over.  There is no gift like knowing our loved ones are safely THERE, even while we miss them so much.

Here’s to you, Daddy Dear!  I will always love you!


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11 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. I so enjoy your posts. Isn’t it amazing that we can keep going if we remember to live one day at a time?
    Father, I lift Buckeyegirlie to You.  Bless her, strengthen her, and give her a big hug from me.

  2. And give her one from me too, Lord. I can honestly say that the “sting” of losing my sister Janet two years ago today is a bit less today than it was a year ago, and a lot less than it was two years ago. I will be lifting you up to the dear Lord whose everlasting arms are still underneath you.

  3. Anonymous

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.  Hope you can get rested and able to enjoy having all your children home for a wee bit, and may the Loving Heavenly Father bless you and your family during this Christmas Season.  That’s always a hard time when you’re missing someone.

  4. Glad you’re better!  Just in time for the holidays!  Take care, however.  No relapses allowed.

  5. I sure do love you, but I’ll pass on doing another open house.   One was enough. 

  6. Glad you’re feeling better! Have a great time with your family. It’s hard to believe REACH training is already over.

  7. I hope this week will be restful for you!  I really hope it works out for me to come Thursday; I still need to call the dr.   Please take care of yourself…. and I love you!

  8. Hey mom…one week from now and i’ll be hauling tail towards the coast. woot woot! Glad you’re better and i just now, as i typed this, started my first Christmas Music…makes me very happy…a little sad but mostly happy. Love you-Lem

  9. Oh yes, add my prayer to the others Lord, give BEG a hug! What a grand time you will have with your boys home! I do hope your ankle fully recovers. I also have been playing Christmas music……….so beautiful!

  10. Loved your comments about Ohio and DE on my site.  I would love to see DE someday! 
    BTW:  After I visit your site, your song plays in my head for the rest of the day!  It is lovely!

  11. Anonymous

    RYC:  Thank you, thank you very much! 😉  I sure don’t see how a little smile could possibly hurt the situation….

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