(This is for www.xanga.com/forthemastersuse)

Do you give refills?????

Ruth's Fruitcake

That has to be the best fruitcake that I have ever tasted!

Thanks for thinking of us!

(But I haven’t been sharing it with Visitors of the Village!)

Also, thanks to all of you for all your prayers and good wishes.  I am feeling pretty good this morning. That good night’s rest really did me alot of good!  And Nettie is sleeping in this morning, but she had a pretty good night.

(I will bless the Lord at all times . . . “)


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  1. Hello , Glad you are feeling better now to. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a  great week now .

  2. I was fine until I read your site and then I felt tired and nauseated!  Glad you are feeling better and got some rest.  I hope no one else gets the illness.

  3. What a gorgeous picture. Somehow I missed your previous post yesterday. What an unbelievable set of circumstances. Sometime I’ll tell you about the time I flushed Jeremy’s underpants down the toilet at the eye doctor’s (when he was three) after a messy experience like you were describing. They had to call RotoRooter after I left:( I changed eye doctors after that.

  4. Oh, Mary Ann… Uh… that fruitcake somehow… well, it is a pretty picture up there, but is that fruitcake replacing the baby in the manger?  I had to blink and uh… blink…
    But I DO love fruit cake.. how I love fruit cake.

  5. Thanks, Mary Ann.  I was hoping we would have time to stop by for the tour of certain man’s village.  Somehow, we are always in a hurry after the afternoon session is over.  I’m glad you enjoyed the cake.  I’m never sure who will appreciates a gift of fruit cake.  It is a much maligned food item. 

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