Christmas Card


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  1. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.  What a neat picture, looks like a fun bunch!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  3. And a very merry to you as well!  If only this rain could have been snow!!!  sigh

  4. Thanks so much for your wonderful Christmas letter!  Christmas Blessings…

  5. How delightful to find your Christmas letter in our mail box and your nice family picture! Thank you  Dear BEG. Hasn’t Xanga been a Blessing for all of us ? Such fun.  Life is bittersweet isn’t it? The warm cuddly memories mixed with those memories that bring tears to our eyes, or regrets to or minds……….guess it all evens out,hopefully. I do really like that  picture of your Dear Gertrude holding the song book… sweet. Today my siblings and mates meet(all but Dominie). I am excited but RL will not be able to join us as he is to leave at noon for Sanger,TX. I’ll try to get a new entry done  this morning, we had a grand Chrsitmas with Boy Genius and Family. Take Care Dear BEG!

  6. I love your Christmas picture of your children!  You are blessed!

  7. BEG, I hope you had a blessed Christmas! What a wonderful picture of your young’uns!

  8. That’s a great picture of your children, definitely one to treasure during these next months of separation from the boys. I’m eager to hear about your Christmas. We had such a good, good day.

  9. A beautiful Christmas card!!!!!!!!!!

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