Happiness is . . .

~A five minute phone call from Nepal.  Eldest Son sounded like he was in the next county. 

(But he is sick with an upper respiratory infection . . . and he is missing his friends, his family, his church, his job.)

As God brings him to your mind, would you join us in praying for him?

Me and my hat


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  1. We’ll be praying for him! From past years of hearing Reachers Moms talk about some of the struggles their children go through, I know how hard it is on the Mothers to be so far away, and so we will be praying for his parents too.

  2. So glad you had that 5-minute phone call!!    Sure hope he’s soon better. 

  3. Father God, we know that Raph is in the palm of Your healing, comforting and mighty Hand.  We trust You with Your work in Raph’s life and body. Help Raph feel Your Presence, sense Your touch, and go forth in Your grace.  Quiet our hearts with your Peace.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers will be with Raph as he recovers from being ill

  5. My prayers go out to faraway Nepal for your son’s quick recovery.  I am sure he has access to good health care there, but I’ll bet you are wishing you could make him some chicken soup!

  6. I sure will!  I’m paying good attention to all of you with children far away.  I know my day will come all too soon to be that mom!  And thanks so much for your encouraging words….they mean the world!  ~Erica

  7. Umm. That tugs on a mother’s heart. I will pray for him and for you.

  8. Anonymous

    glad you got to talk to your son, Austin also called via skype but he didn’t have a microphone so he could only hear me and then he typed his answers but it was all good 🙂 a call is a call right?

  9. Thanks Maryann, Sorry about Raph that’s awful to be away from home and sick. Hope and pray that he feels better soon, and you don’t have to be a worried Mama.

  10. I am thinking of you folks and pray Raph is doing better. How wonderful it must have been to hear his voice. Take Care Dear BEG.

  11. I had a very good visit with Lem, and it was disappointing that I only saw him that one time.  I’m glad he had the experience, and was able to tolerate a visit to the graveyard.  Yes, Stockley has mystique to it; many of the vibes people receive when they walk in certain places are not always good.  There are staff there who swear certain places are haunted.  Whatever the case, the place does draw you.  I’m kinda sad to see it changing in the way it has, but I know it’s good for the people who lived and grew up there.  I hope to continue to make it my professional home as well. 

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR Dear BEG! When do you expect to hear from Raph next?

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