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Our family is getting ready for the Christmas Open House that we host each year for Daniel’s office friends and their families.  This is to be tomorrow evening at 6:30, LORD willing.

Pray that God would be honored in our lives and in our family.

Pray that the age-old Christmas Story would take root and bear fruit in these lives.

Pray for Karen, our pianist.  She makes these reedy, unused voices sound so good!!!

Pray that I will get ready on time.

And pray for Youngest Daughter.  Her Doctor’s office called this afternoon, and she does, in fact, have Mono.


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Another thing about Buckeyegirlie

Some of you know — some of you don’t (of course), but the one thing I collect is manger scenes.  Over the years, I have been given so many beautiful manger scenes.  And I pretty much have resolved that I cannot buy any more for myself.  But sometimes I get overwhelmed by a particular thing.  Like last week, I picked up one I’ve been wanting a long time, but could not afford.  It is the Willow Tree one, and I found the Nativity and the Shepherds and stable animals at a shop in the mall.  It would have been $100.00 (Already a bargain, I am told) but they had 40% off everything in the store.  And that made it $60.00.  And then I had a new credit card that I was going to use one time since I was supposed to have $50.00 off my first purchase.  So I got it for $10.00!!!  (I was beyond pleased!)  Middle Daughter already has her bid in for it, and I may just give it to her.  You see, there is more to this story.

Probably ten years ago, Middle Daughter bought me this exquisite manger scene from Sam’s Club: 

Manger scene

 It was worth far more than she paid for it, but it was still a sacrificial gift for her.  We always put it on the mantle.  We always set it up almost the same each year, and for us and for our children, it is part of the Christmas traditions that we love so much.  I never put it up, though, that I don’t remember that teen-ager who saw this beautiful set, knew that I would treasure it always, and made it her business to get it for me.  I love the manger scene, Deborie, but I love you more.

Tonight it seems like my family is so scattered — Eldest Son in Nepal, Youngest Son in Cedarville, and Daddy in Heaven.  There are so many things to fill our hearts and heads at this time of our lives.  But where ever you are, Raph, if you’re reading this, we miss you, and we remember how much you loved this season, and we think of you at every turn.  And Lem, it won’t be long until we see you again, but nothing seems right without your enthusiastic exclamations, and we miss you, too.  I’m so thankful for my tall sons — and I am reminded that when God wanted to show His inexpressible love for us, He sent His Son.  I wonder how God felt that night when His only begotten Son became a helpless baby in a quiet Judean town.  And He knew!  He KNEW that it wouldn’t be easy for His Son.  But He sent Him anyhow.  For me.  For you.  For us.

What wondrous love is this?



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(This is for

Do you give refills?????


Ruth's Fruitcake

That has to be the best fruitcake that I have ever tasted!

Thanks for thinking of us!

(But I haven’t been sharing it with Visitors of the Village!)

Also, thanks to all of you for all your prayers and good wishes.  I am feeling pretty good this morning. That good night’s rest really did me alot of good!  And Audrey is sleeping in this morning, but she had a pretty good night.

(I will bless the Lord at all times . . . “)


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Monday Morning Woes

T’was a good Sunday, indeed.

But then I came home last night, happy and contented with such a good day.   And Audrey took it upon herself to throw up and be miserable, indeed.  So that necessitated a trip to Wal-mart for gingerale and Mylanta — which is what her Standing Medical Orders says is all she can have for upset stomach.  I had thought that I would sit in my La-Z-Boy with my feet up for a spell, but it wasn’t to be. 

So, I got the offering processed from the weekend, and ready for the bank.  Kept checking on the Audrey girl, and sorted some laundry.  (Not exactly Sunday activities, but —)  And finally went to bed considerbly after midnight.

And then this morning, my Sweet Mama had an appointment in Lewes at the eye doctor at 8:45.  I had pretty much promised her that I would take her.  She needed her pupils dilated, and she hasn’t been sleeping very well.  I didn’t trust her to get there and back safely.  The question of scheduling was becoming critical.  Middle Sister has been involved in a great saga of hospitals and doctors and her Middle Daughter who has been getting progressively worse with no diagnosis and no hope or help in sight, so I knew that I couldn’t ask her to take Mama.  So I called Youngest Sister, and she graciously agreed to take our Sweet Mama to the doctor.  This took care of one immediate, pressing concern.

Mondays are always wash day.  And it is also the day that Audrey has to have blood work to keep track of her one medication.  But this morning, she was really not doing too well.  In addition to her stomach virus, the season seems to be producing some depression.  And by the time I got Blind Linda on the bus, Youngest Daughter was complaining that her throat was really, really sore.  And she was really, really tired.  And did she mention that her throat was really, really sore?  And that she was really, really tired?  And that if she went to school, she could probably not make it.  But if she didn’t go for at least two hours, she couldn’t go to basketball practice.  But her throat really, really hurt.  And she was really, really tired.

And then Audrey messed her pants and got it all over the floor, and all over the toilet, and all over herself.  And it took the grace of God to gently reassure her and clean everything up. 

Thirty tries to Youngest Daughter’s doctor finally got an answer and an appointment for 1:00 in Seaford.  Five tries to Audrey’s doctor got an answer and an appointment for 11:00 in Millsboro.  It was now 9:30.  And there was still bloodwork to get done in Milford.  And Youngest Daughter wanted to go to school for two hours.  So, it was off to Lab Corp with Audrey.  Who was walking slow.  Talking slow.  Feeling awful.  (But if she didn’t get the blood work done, her phychotropic meds could not be filled, and then we’d have more trouble on our hands!)  This is the first time we have ever gone to LabCorp and there was no one in the waiting room.  (“If it had not been that the LORD was on our side . . .”)  They took her straight in, drew her blood, and then I stopped by home and picked up Youngest Daughter, and we went to Greenwood to school by 10:15.  After that, Audrey and I headed for Millsboro and her 11:00 appointment.  We pulled into the parking lot with maybe five minutes to spare, but when Audrey went to get out of the van, she began to wail.  She stood on the black top outside our white mini van and hugged her middle.

“I have to go to the bathroom.  I can’t stop it.  I’m messing my pants!  What am I gonna’ do?  What am I gonna’ do?  Wa-h-h-h-h-h-h!  I can’t walk!”

“Audrey, just take it easy, girl.  Let’s get you inside to the bathroom.  We’ll get you cleaned up.  It will be okay.”  (“Dear Lord, what am I going to do.  I don’t carry extra clothes in the car for this sort of thing.  Help me to think of something, please!”)

“I’m all wet!  I messed my pants.  I can’t go in there.  What am I gonna’ do?  I feel bad!”

“Come on, sweetie.  We’ll get you cleaned up, and I will run to the drug store and get you some pull-ups.  It will be okay.  If I need to get you another pair of slacks, we’ll do that.  But let’s get you inside.”

So we trudged in, straight through a very crowded waiting room, (while a most distinctive air surrounded us) to the (thankfully) empty bathroom.  It was a sight, (and a horrible stench).  There were no rubber gloves.  There was no air freshener.  Audrey pulled her slacks carefully off, and they were in decent shape.  I washed out the undies in the sink, and scrubbed her down with antibacterial soap, and then scrubbed my hands thoroughly.  She pulled on her slacks without any undies, and I returned to the receptionist.  The stench followed me like a cloud.

“I’m sorry.  We’ve made quite a smell in there, and I need to run out and get her some pull-ups.  But I don’t really think you want her in this waiting room.  She’s been vomiting, and she has this uncontrollable diarrhea.  I know that she is contagious.  You can do what you want, but I would strongly advise that you put her somewhere in a room away from everyone else, and I will be back as soon as I can.”

Glory be!  They wanted to put her into a room by herself.  I fled to Happy Harry’s and procured rubber gloves, pull-ups, antibacterial spray, antibacterial hand cleaner, baby powder, and huge personal cleansing wipes.  I got back to the unbelievable scene of the Physician’s Assistant already examining her and giving her undivided attention.  (Something that rarely happens in that office, I might add.  The MD there has been known to spend over an hour with one patient, while people wait four hours for their turn.  It is inexcusable, but Audrey likes this MD, and this office KNOWS her, and SHE HAS HER RIGHTS so I don’t get anywhere when I want to switch doctors!!!)  I had a most pleasant and informative conversation with the PA while I got Audrey into clean underwear, powdered and disinfected and much more comfortable.

And yes, she does have vicious stomach virus.  We went to the drugstore and got what we needed and came on home and now I am trying to get something constructive done.  (This isn’t it!)

And Eldest Daughter took Youngest Daughter to her doctor appointment, and there isn’t any strep.  And he doesn’t think she has Mono.  He did order some blood work that we can get done tomorrow, and hopefully all will be well there, and maybe a good night’s rest will do her the most good.

But guess what!  My stomach really doesn’t feel very good.  I have been taking anti-nausea medicine this afternoon and trying to think wholesome thoughts, but I am really feeling queasy.  Maybe a good night’s rest will do me good, too.

And that is the lament of an untoward Monday


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Bible Words

“I will bless the LORD at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make her boast in the LORD;
The humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.
O, Magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt His Name together.
I sought the LORD and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.”

Psalm 34:1-4


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