Scenes from the weekend . . .

It was quite a weekend!  Lem and Jessica were home for the last few days before going back to college, and we decided to take the family to the new steakhouse in Camden, DE.  We had tried once before, and the wait had been too long, so we thought we would get there before four o’clock in the afternoon, and maybe we wouldn’t have to wait quite so long.  Well, we got there and we had a grand time waiting:

These are the faces of waiting:

A -- Debs, Jessica, Rach

Deborah and Jessica and Rachel, sit on the bench and wait.

A -- But Chris, you don't understand

Certain Man explains something to Eldest Daughter . . . and waits

A -- Rachel and her daddy

Youngest Daughter was chilly.  She finds an armstrong heater while she waits.


A -- Beeba

Middle Daughter almost never “just waits.”

A -- Jesse

Don’t let this angelic look fool you for a minute.  Beloved Son in Law is thinking about stealing the sign he’s leaning on while he waits.  (It WAS very conveniently loose!)

A -- Lem and Jessica

Youngest Son and Girl Jess are very hungry, but still smiling (and waiting!)

A --  CM & CMW

Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife wait and hold down the bench, too.

A -- Jesse, Lem and Jessica

Beloved Son in Law and Youngest Son solve some of the most pressing political issues while Girl Jess listens in.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, they called our number.  But when we got into the restaurant, they were seating us at two separate tables.  And their only solutiion (Although we had waited that long because we were a party of eight) was to say that we would have to wait a long, long time to get a table together.  Youngest Son pulled out his cell phone, called Lone Star Steak House in Dover, explained our problem, and was told, “Come straight up here.  I will set the table now, and seat you when you get here.”  So we all piled back into the van, went on up to Dover and had a simply wonderful time — and the manager gave us a free appetizer as well!  The food was wonderful, the service was wonderful, and we didn’t WAIT.

We came home to play a came of “True Colors”

A-- game

Eldest Daughter’s find at “God’s Way to Recovery” Thrift Store

A -- Lem plays Colors

(Some of us had more interest in this game than others did!)

Yesterday we had some dinner guests, and I got to do one of my favoritest things of all:

A -- Aunt Mary and Nevin

I had bought this “Mammals” book for Nevin’s big brother, Carson, a long time ago.  The animals intrigue the little guys, and we can spend hours looking at it. 

(My other favorite little guy was dodging the camera just off to my right, and none of the pictures with him turned out very well.)   

What a great weekend!  And now it is back to the regular schedule —

Which, quite truthfully, I am more than ready for!



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18 responses to “Scenes from the weekend . . .

  1. I always enjoy your pictures so much!!  What was that game exactly, certainly looks interesting!  ~Erica

  2. What a delightful peek into your Saturday evening family excursion.  The picture of you and Daniel is oh so sweet!  the close up of Daniel and Rachael is priceless!

  3. Regular schedule.  When it comes to you, I’m not crossing my fingers, not holding my breath but would wholeheartedly agree that a regular schedule would  be truthfully hoped for you.  Hugs to your family.

  4. You have a regular schedule? I would have never guessed. Just kidding! I just love the pictures of everyone, but like Polly, the one of you and Daniel is my favorite.

  5. Dare I say that is so funny that you waited 45 minutes and then went somewhere else?? Hey, I don’t blame you, for what is the point of eating out if you are to sit at different tables? Enjoyed your post. Good to ‘see’ Lem and Jess again. Take care.

  6. Waiting  and waiting at a restuarant is not my idea of fun either  although I guess if you have a crowd you can always use the time to talk and visit!!   That game looks interesting, never heard of it before.

  7. The disappointment of having waited so long for a table, only to not be able to sit together. I don’t blame you for going somewhere else! It does look like the waiting people were fairly content, though! We have played True Colors, often at our ladies retreat, and have had a lot of fun with it. I hope your normal comes through like you are hoping it will!

  8. I can’t help but wonder if the first restaurant was Texas Roadhouse?  If it is, they do take call ahead seating.  It cuts your wait time considerably.

  9. Yes, it was Texas Rodehouse, but they do not take call ahead seating here in Delaware on groups that are more than six.  We’ve tried repeatedly to get around it, but I am wondering if there is a managerial intervention if they ever make an exception.  But that’s okay.  They obviously don’t need our business.

  10. No they don’t…it was a good break mom. Nice pics…luv yah-Lem

  11. Wonderful pictures! I also really like the one of you and CM, your blue colors just adds to it. Very nice. Lem sounds like a “take charge” kinda’ guy. Did I meet Jess when I met Lem? In Leon? This is a very nice post and your pictures are great. I do not understand the limited number seated together rule? Does management think the Yutzy group will become too rowdy if seated in groups of over 6? LOL

  12. Yeah we have wanted to go to the Texas Roadhouse too cause people say it is good food but it seems always so busy….
    But waiting for 45 mins and not getting seated all together, forget it

  13. Hey! wow i miss them people!! you guys all look so amazing! I was wandering if maybe i could have Raph’s e-mail…i miss the fella and thought maybe i could at least e-mail him. I would love it! hope you have a GREAT and WONDERFUL day! love ya!

  14. Everybody survive that BG?  I’m not a sports fan, but this one I decided to join in on.  Pretty pathetic!  U no, we can all so much look, act, and think we’ve got our “act together” in the “game of life”.  Hopefully on-one has to only find out in the finale that they”lost”. 

  15. Hello, from Az!  Loved your pictures.

  16. Thanks so much for your encouraging words, BEG.  Yes, I do rely on God’s great strength and guidance.  But it is good to be reminded at the weaker moments.

  17. Checking in on you to say “hello”.

  18. Anonymous

    wow lem is getting BIG!
    oh the irony of it!

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