Certain Man, being the “tree” man that he is, always buys a real live Christmas tree for outside.  On Saturday, He decided that it was time to plant it out in the Christmas tree row.  This is how he goes about such an operation:

Planting the Christmas tree 1

He carefully hooks his loader to it and carries it to where he wants it planted.

Planting the Christmas tree 2

And it eventually gets into his row.

Yesterday, I was putting away Christmas decorations:

putting away Christmas 2

The three Snowmen in the center were Old Gertrude’s and she loved them dearly.

putting away Christmas

 On the spur of the moment, I decided that I should set up one of our small lightweight tables to bring “stuff” to so I could organize it and put it away properly.  I was feeling just a bit upset with my lack of progress, and so I was visciously slamming down the legs and then I upended the thing — (just a little table, 2X4 and plastic, for pete’s sake!) and it came down, and caught my pinkie between itself and the laundry hamper that just happened to be in the way.

putting away Christmas 3

Oh, my!  Did it ever hurt.  I grabbed my pinkie in true Yutzy fashion (They declare that direct pressure on any pinch, burn or bump will lessen bruising and pain) and tried to not weep.  I did lean over in great turmoil and stood up and bobbed about, but the pain was invincible! And after several long seconds of this, I opened my hand and there was copious amounts of blood there.  And it really, really hurt.  And the fingernail is loose-ish at the bottom and the finger is purple round about and I have great throbbings therein.  I suppose that I shall lose that nail.  With any good favor, it will slide off silently some day and that will be that.  I am not holding my breath.


In other news, Certain Man and I got to go away for the afternoon yesterday.  We went to Rehoboth;

  Sand and Sea    Fence and sand and sea

 walked on the boardwalk, (Which was practically deserted!)

Almost empty boardwalk

discussed the many things heavy on our hearts and stopped at the Cracker Barrel for an early Supper.

Cracker Barrel

  It was a mavelous time (Except that my poor finger throbbed most of the time).

Today I have two sick ladies.  Cecilia has a fever of 101º and Nettie girl has one of 101.4º  –  so they are both home!

Must run — there is laundry to do and house to straighten, and not enough time!


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  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon, and if your weather was like it was here, nice and warm, too.  We are finally getting Cracker Barrels close to us!  One about 10-12 miles away (we’re bidding on the plumbing) and another one is reported to be coming about 5 miles from here.  And we’re so glad!

  2. As you were talking about your nail, I wanted to help you put pressure on it.  I’m soooo sorry.  Even got abit teary. You know those pains are sooooo inconvenient and how in the world do they help us?  I mean, if we are suppose to be cheerful???   And of all times, when we get to be on a special “date” that needs total focus?     :0    😉

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, you poor dear….=(  Hope the sick get better soon…..

  4. that looks like a lot of Christmas decorations!!!     Sorry about your finger hope it gets better soon!!!  You are a blessed woman to be able to go strolling on the beach with your sweetie!!  I wish sometimes that we were close enough to the ocean to do that!!! 

  5. I have a suggestion: since your finger was ouching so horrendous, I think you need to go AGAIN to the boardwalk and talk s’more.. and also hit Cracher Barrel. That’s what I would say.

  6. I can’t imagine living so close to the beach that you could just go for the afternoon. Sounds absolutely marvelous. Except for that throbbing pinkie. I surely hope it – and your ladies – are all better soon.

  7. Owwww!  I’ve had similar things things happen to my digits on my footsies and it ain’t one bit fun!!  I remember having to make a “tent” over my big toe so I could sleep at night!  I, too, need to take down my Christmas decorations.  I took the tree out some days ago, but the other things are till right where they were.  Hopefully this week some day….

  8. Mary another delightful post.  Is the village still up?  I’m always amazed at Daniels envolvement of Christmas.  That is so dear!   You have a good day, you hear!

  9. I enjoyed your post – except for the bruised finger.  I love deserted beaches.  (Give your pinkie a get-well kiss from me.)

  10. Why do things always have to happen when we are at our “busiest”?  Hope your finger is better !

  11. Our Christmas decorations have been taken down but are not put away…just dumped in the bonus room upstairs (sigh).  Sorry to hear about your pinkie; not fun!  I once caught a sandal strap on a metal spike that was poking up through the ground.  The sandal caught and I kept going and went sprawling on the sidewalk.  Picked myself up, dusted myself off and got into my car and drove home only to have copious amounts of blood on my foot when I arrived.  Drove straight to a 24-hour clinic (was living in the city) where they washed it, x-rayed it, and put iodine or something on it.  Lost the nail a couple of weeks later.  I wrote the city to complain about the spike and they said they’d inform the owner of the property and ask him to remove it.  About a year later, I went back to the restaurant and the spike was still there!  I often have wondered if anyone else ever injured themselves on that spike.

  12. Seeing and hearing that you  and Polly were putting your decorations away more than 3 weeks after Christmas made me feel not so tardy with my own efforts.  I usually get mine down on New Years Day!  This year has been so strange for me. 
    How are your Linda and Audrey?  One of them was having seizures.  Is that now under control?
    Love the live tree for Christmas!  How lovely to have a row of them.

  13. So sorry about your finger,that can really throb when you try to sleep! Hope you are past that stage by now. Oh for a lovely walk on a deserted beach ………..sigh…….we lived on the beach in Florida years ago and I dearly loved it. I love the ocean, it is like it breathes as the tide comes in or goes out………I love it. I hope you are doing okay and that your ladies are recovered. What a wonderful tradition to plant your Chrismas trees. How long have you done this? Have all the trees survived? I think that is such a nice thing to do. Take Care

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