What a gorgeous, windy, sunny, sheet-drying day this turned out to be!  I almost can believe that spring will actually come!  Certain Man spent time out in his garden today, “evaluating” and I saw the green sprigs of tulips on the front side of my barbecue pit.  I am anxious for some nice warm days.


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  1. Today was awesome. And did you know that we’re going to Daylight Savings Time early this year? Next weekend! That means longer evenings! Oh rats, I just realized that means Destiny will never think it’s really time to go to bed and she’ll hate me for waking her up in the dark again. Oh well, I’m still going to love it.

  2. Enjoy your signs of glorious spring as I sneeze and shiver in 27 degrees with a stiff wind stirring the snow all around. LOL This too shall pass and I shall also revel in the warmth and the signs of spring.Re: Darlene’s quilt was found shortly after she turned in the insurance claim. Her package was in a corner somewhere in the same post office that delivers her son’s mail. It is now in his hands and everyone is very happy.

  3. I am so ready for spring . I think you will get it before we do.  It’s nice  to know it is on it’s way!

  4. The rising full moon shone brightly tonight through the icicles on the edge of the garage, as the wind blew a 0-degree chill beneath the edges of our coats. Enjoy your spring while some of us wait a bit longer.

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