When my days are full

Of the many demands

That are justly mine.

And my heart feels empty of good and true

And full of the ugly and the lies of our time-

Lord Jesus, hold my hand steady.

And when my “cup” is jiggled,

Make me remember that

What spills out in those unexpected trials

Is what I have chosen to already put there.

It isn’t what others do, or say, or think

That makes me do or say or think.

It’s those same old choices,

Coming out of that same old nature

Spilling across the pages of my days

Leaving their colors there.

Ah, my Heavenly Father

May the love of your Sweet Son, Jesus

Fill this heart of mine in ways that overflow

In Living Water, so that what “gets spilled”

Is only more of You.


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4 responses to “

  1. That was a good prayer I just prayed myself!

  2.  Good morning BEG, thank you for sharing this, it is beautiful.

  3. So profound, Mary Ann. Your way with words is just amazing. Thanks.

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