e Oh, I love a rainy day!!!  e 


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  1. That’s what we are having in Ohio too…just most gentle and beautiful!

  2. I take it you are getting rain today !!  So glad you are enjoying it

  3. It was GREAT!  The kids actually slept until 7:30am!

  4. I thought I commented here last evening, but I don’t know where it went. I was just agreeing that the rain sounds awesome. We’ve had three days of it now. Not sure what we’re to have today. By the way, what’s the tune to that little rain song up there??!!

  5. i love the rain too! and we’re getting a lot down here in VA 🙂 but i was just wondering if there is any way that i could get that brown sugar cookie recipe…cause those sure were good, and i can’t find a recipe like yours anywere

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