Aren’t Saturdays wonderful things?

This day is a wondrous gift to me, indeed.  Youngest Daughter gave me a special gift when she cleaned up the kitchen with all its grub and grime and loaded the dishwasher. And started it.  Middle Daughter did an equally distasteful job when she cleaned out the litter box in the basement. (They are on an “end of summer” expedition with Beloved Son in Law and Eldest Daughter on this very, very hot day in Delaware.)   I have worked on Church Retreat stuff, did some laundry, shared a wonderful small Italian sub with my husband, and now am getting ready to be host family tomorrow.  It is so peaceful, so quiet, so deliciously unrushed that I am sure it won’t last.

And while preparations are made for yet another funeral in the Greenwood community, Certain Man’s family awaits the homegoing of an Ohio auntie who had a stroke earlier this week.  Somber, somber thoughts, as we contemplate our own mortality.  But comfort and hope and peace as we remember that our times are in His hands. 


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  1. Anonymous

    happy for you on your relaxing Saturday~

  2. Sweet days when you do not have to race the clock! the weather here today is so beautiful.
    Yes indeed chamber pots served a needed service for sure, I am just so happy our plumbing is working and thankful we have it. I was raised in a home with no plumbing and attended a one room school house with the privies. I appreciate modern life.

  3. Enjoy those rare moments of peace and quiet!  Kudos to your family for their loving help around the house.

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