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Today there was a funeral.

We sang about the City of Light ‘mid the Stars.

And about Glad Voices Lifted in Triumph on High.

We sang about being anchored in the Haven of Rest,

And about All the Way My Savior Leads Me.

We laughed.  We cried. 
We listened.  We prayed.
We cooked.  We visited. 
We ate. We cleaned up. 
We went home again.

And all the while, I thought about that Daddy of mine, safely home, there in that City of Light.  I wondered if it seemed to him but a minute before he turned and saw Daniel and Ivan and Ethel and Uncle John and now Val.

“Lift your glad voices, in triumph on high
For Jesus hath risen, and man shall not die. . .”

Tonight I struggle to reconcile this revisited grief with the intrinsic belief that these words are true.  I believe in Heaven, and I believe Daddy is there.  But there is something to be said about death, too, as we know it.  Right now, the reality of death is more experiential than that City of Light. 

No one panic.  I am not losing my faith.  I believe more than ever that Heaven is a real place, and that Daddy is there — But I miss him intensely as we pass off yet another hand into the hand of the Father. . . and I realize that this person who so lately spoke and laughed and walked with us, now is in the presence of The Father.  And Daddy is there. 

What a comforting thought!



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They’re home, safe and sound!  Thanks for all the prayers!

And it is Monday at Shady Acres — Which means laundry by the (literal) bushels.

Today is also the day when we finalize the planning
for the funeral of one of our church members.

July 4th picnic --  USA chairs and Val

Brother Val Miller (age 88) was killed in an accident last Thursday night,
and will be buried tomorrow.

Please pray for his widow,

July 4th picnic --  Mr Jones Express Himself
Polly Bontrager Miller,
and his children and grandchildren.



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It’s after midnight.

Somewhere, “out there,” three of our offspringin’s are making their way home from Conference.

My Kids

Lord Jesus,
hold them tight!


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Happy  Birthday,
Eldest Daughter!!!



You’ve brought so much joy to all of us!  We thank God for you!

 Our girls

You’ve always been the “Big Sister”  and have taken seriously those responsibilities.
Every one of your siblings respect you and love you.  You’ve always been available to be inconvenienced by them, and it has been something that you have done for us as parents and for them as siblings that has made for a sense of security and belonging that has been so important to who we are as a family.

The seven

Even as a small child, when asked what you were thankful for, it was always, “I’m thankful for my family!” 
Thank you for living in a way that we always knew that the people you loved lived daily in your heart.
We are so blessed to be your family.



I know that you think we “dressed you funny” when you were a little girl.  We probably did.  But when God “dressed” your face and your heart, He couldn’t have done a better job.



We never wonder, though, who really is your FAVORITE!!!
  And we think that you have given us the best Son-in-law that we could ever have even dreamed of. 


As the following pictures show, you certainly have your hands and hearts in alot of people’s lives.

C- Potato Salad Day 2007 Washing Dishes

You come to the yearly potato salad fixin’ day, and always help with enthusiasm and laughter.

CR-  Chris and Victoria

There is a whole passel of children who call you “Auntie Chris!”

AA-- Christina and Nevin

Ah-h-h-h-h! Squishy Nevie!!!

W-Office Picnic Family talk

What would we do without your helping hands at the family cookouts and picnics on the lawn at Shady Acres?

MD Daniel and Chris

I ain’t saying nothin’ about this picture, Thank you very much!

W-Rach, Chris and Beeba

Your sisters and you are the greatest of pals.  And it is no secret that it is largely due to your efforts and investments in their lives.

AAA-- Oldest Daughter

There are so many things that I cannot even begin to put on this page.  These are just a drop in the bucket compared to the many things that are so much a part of your life and our lives.  What a gal!  You put your old Mama to shame over and over again by your efficiency and organization.  If I could claim credit for raising you that way, it would be nice.  (But everyone who knows me would know that I was lying if I did!).  I am so glad that you have developed your gifts in the way that you have, and I am so glad to be your Mama.

Happy Birthday, Christy-girl.  Just in case you didn’t know – –



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Youngest Son

“Ain’t gonna’ lie,”  says Youngest Son quite often.
(when he is about to say something that I often think is pretty obvious . . . )

Well, I ain’t gonna’ lie either.

Sometimes this summer feels like I am:

on a bike-

going downhill-

without any brakes.

And I’m mostly loving the ride-

With panic at regular intervals!

(Now if I could just get my breath!)




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