Last night, I went with my Sweet Mama

 to a “spur of the moment” gathering

 with some of our extended family. 

For a peek at the event, go to


(Go on over there and leave her a comment!  It will bless her heart!)




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  1. That sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun! You were looking right fine, Mary Ann!

  2. RYC:   Mom & Dad bought their MO house last summer.  They have talked and planned on moving here to retire for years.  My Granparent shad moved out in the mid 70’s.  When they passed away my Mom and all  her 9 siblings received the family cattle ranch in trust.  Mom and three of her sibilings bought out the other remaining 6 siblings.  SO she owns a 1/4 of the family ranch .  THe house they bought is about 5 miles down the road from  the ranch maybe closer. Her one brother a co-owner of the ranch lives in the ranch house. Another co-owner lives in Lancaster County PA  and the fourth one in Greenwood DE!  Early this spring they said it would be two years until they moved no they are saying maybe sooner!!  Time will tell!

  3. hey sis…i am sure glad that you got to go to that gathering.  you are such a blessing–hope things go okay for you this weekend. 

  4. Nice family gathering. Your dress is mighty pretty.

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