I felt like I was having a personal “communion” day today.

Last week the Amish family who brings the grapes into the area called to say that the grapes would be here today.  Certain Man is very supportive of the grape juice industry, and very helpful when it comes to procuring what I need to can grape juice.   I took inventory of my stock and decided that our family had used about 70 quarts last year without Eldest Son, and decided that the 37 quarts we had left would probably not last through the coming winter with him home.

And then, on a totally different subject, I realized that I was going to be out of bread by the time the sandwiches were made for the day and breakfast was over. 

So this morning, as soon as Cecilia and Nettie were on their buses, I went to Dover and got my four bushels of grapes.  I thought I would be able to get them done by bedtime.  Right.

There were jars and things in the basement that Middle Daughter would fetch for me as soon as she got home from some other errands.  She would also bring up my two steamers.

A --  Communion Day 3

I love these two pieces of equipment that I invested in about five years ago.  I have never been sorry.  There is no grape juice like the concentrate that comes from these two babies.

But since they were in the basement when I arrived home from Dover, I decided to mix up my bread quick, and then work on grapes.

Tonight I am almost half finished with the grapes, and I figure that by the time we have the two steamer loads that are currently steaming finished, , we should have almost 33 quarts of concentrate.  And the bread is ready to be cut.  That is Certain Man’s job, and he said that he would do it after it is too dark to see to work outside.

A --  Communion Day 2

This is such a comforting accomplishment, and a homey smell is in this house that I don’t think Yankee Candle could duplicate.

But my, oh, my, how my foot doth hurt and this gal is rather weary!


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  1. I can sure see why you are weary!  
    Yes that last picture does look like you are preparing for Communion.  How much are the grapes this year?  I quit ordering them when I felt the price got so high but here the same time Welches price sky rocketed and I was left high and dry.  
    I like grape juice with my Sunday pop-corn.   Yum!

  2. Goodness, lady! What happened to not being on that foot overly much?   I know.  A girls just gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? I completely understand. Those steamers are quite interesting looking! I’ve never seen anything like ’em. May your rest tonight be sweet!

  3. It looks like a very productive day for you!  Isn’t that the best feeling to see all those jars filled?

  4. Wow! Getting that much accomplished ought to make you feel good all over – even your foot! You go, girl!

  5. my you have had an industrious day!!!   I must also say I have never seen anything like those contraptions you are calling  steamers where did you find them?

  6. My goodness mary, if I wasn’t sick and recovering, I would of been glad to help you out …

  7. It looks like to me those two containers would make great grape WINE, I can hardly wait taste it

  8. My foot hurt while I was just reading what you accomplished!  What would your doc say about this?

  9. it looks like God took you up on “your basket of fish and bread” and blessed it!

  10. I love that last picture. Hope you had a restful night and are not so busy today.

  11. Umm……..I love home made grape juice! 

  12. Ummm, grape juice.   but really now!  Bread and Juice the same day?!    One of these days when I don’t have sippy cups to drip on rugs, I will make grape juice to have on hand.   One of these days…  then I will miss having sippy cups to drip on rugs.

  13. WOW! I feel bad I haven’t made homemade bread in a long while.But home juice to boot. Don’t tell my family it can be done. haha!

  14. Does your foot hurt more today than before your grape juicing and bread baking escapade? Your doctor most likely would scold you! But I  imagine one slice of your bread and one glass of your grape juice and he’d understand your motivation.
    Those steamers are interesting indeed.

  15. what a productive day! I made grape juice yesterday also…i don’t do the concentrate though, I just do the grapes in the jars…last year I did 26 gallons. I cut back a little this year…hubby is worried that we will run out, but i say pehaps that way it will be more of a special treat =)

  16. I love that last pic..it could be on a calendar somewhere!  =)

  17. i suddenly feel very inadequate as a house wife 😦

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