The first Sunday of the month is a busy time for the household of Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife.  Our Small Group is “host family” that day, and we have a potluck lunch at Shady Acres with some of the best food you could imagine.  This past Sunday we decided to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.  The meal got filled in with tender Delaware Lima beans from thisisloretta’s household that had been picked and shelled the evening before. Another gal brought “Under the Sea” jello salad to go with the usual potato salad, and Gracegiven brought cherry delight for dessert.  We had pickles and sliced fresh tomatoes and peach tea.  We have wonderful times together, and Sunday was no exception.  What fun to talk about projects for our church and to exchange ideas that will need lots of refining, but still hold so much potential.  The families and singles who make up our small group are easy to love.

On the first Sunday evening of every month, we (as in my extended family) try to gather at my Sweet Mama’s house — those of us who can make it.  I’m sharing some random shots from that evening.  It’s always so good to be together.  How very much I love these people, too.  Some were missing, and some stayed out of camera range, but some of these pictures are priceless!

  ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Clint  
Something struck this
man’s funny bone! 

ZZ-- Evening At Mama's  Frieda
(I wonder what his wife is thinking!)

ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Polly  ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Sarah
Gentle conversations are one of our favorite things about the evening
Especially among us gals.


ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Jerrel  ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Bert


The farmers (here, Jerrel and Bert) talk chicken houses and cows and the drought. 
(and they do discuss greatly.)
The two pastor guys (Clint and Mark) talk about church issues and Nursing homes and life in general
(and they do discuss greatly, too).
Certain Man weighs in on whichever conversation is closest at hand.  Sometimes he sits in the LaZboy and eats popcorn.  And sticks out his tongue whenever anyone tries to take his picture. 
Of course, I’m not going to subject you to that visual.

Late in the evening, just about the time that we were about to go home,
Jeremy and Cheryl came in with their little guy, Max. 
Of course, Grandpa and Grandma had to get their hands on him.

ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Mark, Polly and the grandbaby

Blessed, blessed, Happy Day.



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  1. looks like a lovely family time!

  2. We all had a great time.  thanks for having us!

  3. hey sis, your pictures always are special to me.  we are so blessed to have the times we do.  thanks for all you do to make our times good.

  4. Sounds and looks like fun.

  5. Extended family times are so good. Sometimes it is the only time we really find out what is going on in each other’s lives. What precious times you have had!

  6. Thanks for all the “hosting” you do for our small group. Reading about your “family time” made me realize that I seem to get from being with our group what you get from your family. (I’m having trouble with sentence construction!) Anyway I enjoy our times together a lot. See you tonight. L.

  7. Jerrel takes me back to RBI Chorale of 76

  8. 🙂 sounds so nice. I need to have more people over.

  9. Looks like a blast! RYC you know the sad thing is you were the first thing that popped into my head after my spill….”now I know how poor MaryAnn feels!”…well almost! =)

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