Middle Daughter went forth
upon the face of the earth
to her Auntie’s Garage Sale.

And when she returned
she carried in her hands
the most unusual mug
that she had purchased there.

AAA Beeba's Mug

“Beeba!” Said Certain Man’s Wife.
“What in the world did you buy that for?”

“Oh, Mom!” Said Middle Daughter. 
“It’s just so cute and funny lookin’!
I don’t know.
Something about it just reminds me of
Uncle Clinton and his cousin, Ken. 
Don’cha’ sorta’ see what I mean?”

Well, Beeba, even if I did, I certainly would never say so. 


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  1. I love it! And who will be brave enough to drink from it?

  2. Maybe you should post a picture of Clint and Ken along side it.

  3. Put that on yodelings and take a poll of who it looks the most like.~Christina

  4. mmm? Very interesting!
    I’ll try to get some pictures later…..we are on the go so much, great fun!

  5. Was it made by Brooke G?  I have piggy banks made by him that are quite interesting:)

  6. Yes, it was made by Brooke Gehman.  At least it signed by him on the bottom with a date of 1997, I believe.

  7. LOL!  that IS funny!  did you put this on Yodelings?   Maybe I should start reading it again!

  8. That is so funny!  Your post makes me wish we had taken a picture of a rattlesnake mug we saw in a tourist shop this last week. The curled rattle tail was the handle.  But then again, there are many who would not have wanted to see such a thing let alone consider drinking from it.  It might have reminded someone of a friend or family member, though!  LOL

  9. my daughter, BEG’s neice says that it looks more like Uncle Nelson than Uncle Clinton.  i think that would come from the eyebrows?  miss you sis. 

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