When I am quiet, I am (usually) working hard on something.

So in the past ten days we’ve had Thanksgiving, (Wonderful, wonderful time!) and now I am doing some cleaning projects.  I am quite pleased with what I got done in my utility room, but now —


I am cleaning my study. 

Everyone who knows me well knows that this is a job that I plan to do, and think I am going to do, and hope to do and start to do and never quite get done.  Well, sir, I actually started yesterday.  I am finding things I never knew I had, some that I remember having when I find them, and things I have been looking for for a very long time.  I would post pictures, but it would embarrass my Sweet Mama, so I shall plod on, alone and forgotten in my dark, dark corner and when I get it done, (maybe) then I will show pictures!

I asked Allen Beachy if he wanted to come over with his backhoe and he asked me if I wanted it inside or just parked outside the window.

J.R. called from his bed in the ICU wanting some real food, and when he found out that I was cleaning my study, he hooted.  Was that nice???  Just for that I am not taking him any.

Like I said, I shall plod bravely on.  Somebody had better pray for me.


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  1. I feel your pain. I no longer call my office the office. It is now my pile-it room. I take things into it and “pile-it”, making it my pile-it(pilot) room….yes indeed Dear Friend I feel your pain….I purchased a new computer one month ago, 7, as in seven, boxes of computer and accessories sat in my living room for far too long. It bothered me so I scooted them into my “office” aka the pile-it room. Most of those boxes are now under other things……Take care, best wishes for your success!

  2. I am praying for you!!!  I know just what you mean – while I have been home, I have been working through some of my “piles” and it is revealing exactly what you described!  Blessings on you – continue to be brave!!

  3. I guess JR is feeling better if he hooted at you!   And you made me laugh too. May things go well today!  What a good feeling you will have when it’s all done!

  4. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I am laughing and laughing, Mary Ann. I have been there SO many times, but your description of the dilemma just takes the cake. In fact, I must tell my sisters Doris and Mary Ellen to read this. They will greatly identify with you and enjoy your humorous tale.

  5. You make me smile. Your sense of humor is such a blessing!

  6. My basement is just like that and it needs a backhoe too.hahaYou crack me up! (((hugs))) for being real!

  7. We need to get a cleaning team together and tackle each other’s houses!

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