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Party mix

Come on over.

See the village.

Have some party mix!


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WR bald eagle

This photo is not too clear — but it is a Bald Eagle, perched in the tree across the road from where my good friend, has her Spanish Christian book store.  I am sorry this isn’t clearer, but it was so exciting to get a call from Eldest Daughter, begging me to “come and see!” 

And this was the best picture that I could produce, but I think it is pretty evident that it is, in fact, a Bald Eagle.  According to the authorities, Delaware’s Bald Eagle population has been enjoying a comeback, but I don’t know that we will ever get immune to the sight of one of these majestic birds sailing through our skies unannounced. 

 It just does something for my heart that a turkey buzzard does not!



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It is almost 11:30, but I wanted to show you that I am mostly done with my study!  I have the counter to do — and it will wait until Monday, but I am pleased as I can be with what is finished.  Thanks for the encouragement, and especially for those of you who prayed for me.  I could never have made it without the prayers!

Eleven fifteen Saturday night

Yes, what you are seeing is a baby’s dressing table.  I thought that it fit into this liitle nook quite nicely.  It is the one that Daniel made years and years ago for our first foster baby (In 1975) and it has been a part of our home ever since.  More often than not it is a “collecting place” for left behind possessions, but maybe if it is in here, that won’t happen as quickly. 

Whew!  Am I tired!!! 

Methinks I’m gonna’ go to bed!

G’night all . . .


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Still plodding (not so bravely) on . . .


However, now I am

encouraged by a helper!



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