ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Mark and Polly 2

Final Update . . .

This is one last update.

        The surgery is over.  The appendix had not ruptured.  (The doctor did say,  “That was one rotton appendix!  It really needed to come out!”  They were able to do it by laparoscopic proceedure, everything went very well, and they are hoping to discharge him tomorrow afternoon.

        I am so thankful for all who prayed and for our Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayer.

        And now, I believe I will try to get some sleep.

Edit # 2

 Polly called and said that they took Mark to surgery around nine o’clock.  They told Polly not to expect any word at all before at least an hour.  That is if the appendix hasn’t sprung a leak or burst.  In which case, it will be much longer, and they told her that they will not come out and tell her.  She is just going to have to wait.  So.
        I told her to call me up until midnight, and I will pass it on. 
        Mark was in far better spirits.  Polly said that this is because he was sure that it was something far worse than appendicitis, and he was so relieved to know that it was “only” appendicitis that he was feeling quite light hearted, indeed.  We are all happier when Mark is happier!
And that is the truth!

 Mark is in the hospital, waiting to go to surgery.  They started an IV, he is getting medication through that, and he is feeling better.
The doctor said that he should/could/would
go to surgery around eight o’clock.  The Doctor said that the CAT Scan looked good — it did not appear that the appendix was ruptured.  He said there was a “stone” sitting in there somewhere.  I have never heard of that.  The surgery is planned to be laparoscopic, but if they get in there and there is any perforation, it will need to be otherwise. 
Please continue to pray!

Please Pray for my brother, Mark, Husband to Pollythepatchworker.

He has been ill since Saturday, and today went into the hospital.

They ordered a CAT scan and he has acute appendicitis.

He was so sick, that when the CAT scan was done, and they told him he could go home and they would call his doctor with the results, He did just that.

When they called him and told him that he had acute appendicitis they told him to stay at home and wait for a call from them because they didn’t have a bed.  Talk about frustration!!!

Well, now they have called and he is on his way to the hospital.  What the treatment plan will be, I don’t know.

And on top of that, he lost his wallet.  Though we who love him dearly are not surprised by this, it is another great inconvenience!!!  

Please, please, please pray for him, for Polly and for all their family.

I will try to update as there is news.


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  1. So sorry to hear about Mark–we will certainly be praying!  Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know about Mark. I visit Polly’s site regularly and will be praying!

  3. Eager to hear any news of Mark. My prayers are with him and Polly.

  4. Wow!  I missed all of the drama leading up to Mark’s surgery!  I am so glad it had a good outcome!  Tell Polly and Mark my thoughts and prayers are with them.

  5. hmm  I can relate!  I had trouble with acute pain and sickness off and on for two years and then went to numerous doctors before this elderly doctor looked at me and within 10 minutes said “I think you have acute appendicitis. I am scheduling you for surgery tomorrow if I can get you in”  I had surgery the next day and he was right my appendicts were tucked up under somewhere they did not really belong and they were inflamed!!  After I recovered from the surgery  I felt better then I had for years!!  Apparently this is not uncommom for people to have a long drawn out complication from appendicitis and yet it does not rupture.   I am glad they figured it out for him that quickly!   I can relate to the being in good spirits even though you know it is appendicitis!  When you have thought within  your self that something much worse is wrong!!    Praying for a speedy recovery!

  6. I’m so glad that they caught everything before it had ruptured.  I’m sure Polly is busy taking care of him now.  We’ll pray for him.

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