Yesterday, I talked to Deborah.   She said that when they got to the airport, Lupé’s father-in-law was there to meet them with some brothers in law and some nephews.  (Her mother-in-law was sick, so she couldn’t come to the airport. )

Deborah said, “Mom, you would love Ervin’s family.  They are really special people.  And when I saw Ervin’s father, I had such a sense of relief.  He looks like Grandpa Yoder.  He is built almost exactly like him, and he has the smiley wrinkles around his eyes.    And he smiles alot.  I just felt so comfortable with him.”

That, along with other things she told me, comforts me.  It also makes me cry. 

What I wouldn’t give to see that Daddy of mine today!
Even seeing him in someone else’s face would be pretty special.


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  1. Thinking of you Dear Friend and hoping you have a nice weekend!

  2. ha The other day I saw my dad … :)It is interesting how human faces can look so similar even in other cultures.So glad Deb had this opportunity to visit.

  3. I will be eager to see the pictures.  We sponsor a child in Guatemala and have heard of some of the sad conditions there.  I hope Ervin’s family is more fortunate than our little Lupita.

  4. Mary Dear, this past week we were watching old home movies that we took when we lived in Ohio. All of a sudden there was dad Yoder and mom. Mark just gasp and said, “There’s my daddy!” The lumps were big in our throats that night.

  5. See the Lord is watching over Lupe.  Just as he brought back your other lost angels he’ll bring her back too!

  6. I thought of your father today. James is in NYC for church work this weekend…that was your father’s work. I am sure the folks there miss him too.

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