I’ve been working on a weblog — but haven’t had the time to complete it —
    For pictures of the wedding and the weekend, go to Eldest Daughter’s blog —


You can just click on her name over there in my subscriptions list.

I will say that it was a wonderful day, and we had so much fun —

But I am quite weary, indeed!


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  1. What a beautiful day!  Time to sit back and enjoy some “happy exhaustion”  =)

  2. It was a beautiful day for the girl with the beautiful heart! Mary I enjoyed the wedding so much. Just seeing their love for one another and knowing they are surrounded parents, family and friends who love and care for them and will be rooting for them. I like chambray7’s words “happy exhaustion”. You looked so pretty and peaceful at the wedding.

  3. congratulations! you looked great!

  4. Great pictures~ Very nice~
    Get a good rest Dear Friend!

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