What can you say when the days are so filled with the things that make you laugh and make you cry?

To cry:

A whole card of wedding pictures mysteriously destroyed.   Even (maybe especially) the photographer is crying — HOW???
The absolute worst chicken check we’ve ever had as the final payment since beginning to raise chickens. HOW???

There are some other things, but they are personal — either to me or to people I love, so I will stop there in the “crying department . . . )
To Laugh:

Tomorrow:  Our annual July 4th picnic at Shady Acres.  The people we love and who love us show up for an afternoon of fun and food and eventually homemade ice cream.  Memories of past days are a kaleidescope of things that make me laugh and laugh!

A honkin’ big family reunion coming up.  Great help, great ideas, great people!!!  What could be better?

A clean house.  How thankful I am for a great friend who happens to be a great cleaner and who WANTED to work for me.  For the last six months, she has given me hope along with her help!

Bible School coming up next week — and there were 12 enthusiastic (in varying degrees) people who came to help invite children to Bible School last night.  Our group had some interesting contacts, and hopefully it will bring some children and will bear fruit for eternity. 

I lost another 1.6 pounds this week at Weight Watchers.  I didn’t deserve to, because I fell under the spell of my Sweet Mama’s Chocolate Sheet Cake at our Church’s carry-in on Sunday.  But I still did, and now I am actually two tenths of a pound near to 40 pounds lost since I started.  Believe me, this makes me LAUGH.

And God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good.  In these harried, busy days when it seems I hardly have time to breathe, and when life seems so out of control for our family and for those we love.  When things happen over which we have no control and when uncomfortable things  happen as a result of our choices.  I choose once again to believe that it all comes past The Throne.  Every single bit of it.  It isn’t a surprise to Him, and it doesn’t change Who He is, or His intention towards us for good. 

Does that make me laugh?  You Betcha’!  For the joy of it all, for the security of it all and for the very incongruity of how it contradicts those things I am so often so quick to believe when circumstances make me want to sit down and cry!

And I am comforted to know that tears are a language God understands!


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  1. I’d like to laugh and cry with you.  I love your trust!

  2. A roller coaster of emotions you are feeling yet finding Joy in God.   Very inspiring. 
    When is the next wedding?

  3. I like the LONG list the best. So sorry about the short list.

  4. Keep choosing joy !! even in the midest of pain and questions… blessings

  5. have fun tomorrow!

  6. I’m with Polly!  Thinking of you!

  7. oh man, so sorry!  Was reminded why I DONT do wedding photography!!  Goodness, I’d think the photographer shed some tears on that one, too
    Happy 4th to you and yours~

  8. When my dad got married to my step mother in 1983 they chose Dick to be their photographer because he had the best camera of anyone in my family. We were so excited to see the pictures that he went that very evening to get one-hour developing. Imagine his shock to discover that the film had not advanced and he had NO pictures. That had never happened before and he felt just horrible. Thankfully, others had taken pictures.I am absolutely amazed at your weight loss. Right now I feel like if I had that much success in that area of my life I could handle anything. But probably not. I am having just a terrible time right now with my weight. Have fun today. It’s raining here, but I think it will stop after a while. We’re going to my dad’s and we’re going to surprise him with something special. You’ll have to check my blog tonight to see what it was, ha,ha!!

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss! Good job!
    I really appreciate your reminder that everything passes by THE THRONE. Thanks!

  10. That about makes me cry, too.   Oh, how awful to have a whole piece of your day missing on film.     I’m looking forward to this afternoon…..   You continue to inspire and encourage me!

  11. How refreshing to realize others struggle by the doses of life that don’t make sense. How encouraging to know God does care and knows about those struggles and rejoices with us in our joys. Congratulations on your weight loss. I would love to shed a few pounds.

  12. Well the tough times make you appreciate the good times.  Sorry to hear about losing the pictures and your chicken house rating.  I remember how stressed out that was making me a year ago.  But your positive having your cake and losing weight too!  Thank God for small favors! 🙂

  13. If you don’t mind and when you get the time, if you got some good pictures of Q, I would like them for his scrapbook, which I am so far behind and I wanna get caught up in time before the other baby comes along….I also wanna send them to my mother and grandma too, thanks again for having us!It was a great time, even though those nasty fly’s were around, hope you guys didn’t get wet either…We got home just in time to get Q his bath and then to bed…

  14. Hurrah on the weight loss! Congratulations!
    Life is often a roller coaster isn’t it?

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