Remember that Handsome Young Groom of two weeks ago???

A Wedding 003

Today he was going through some things to take to his house and found his old eye glasses.

It did not bring out the best in him . . .

Crazy Boy 1

His pretty girl was not impressed.

Frankly, neither were any of us.

Except, maybe, HIM, because of the reaction it got.

Ah, Son.  You still light up my life!


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  1. It is all about reaction isn’t it? LOL

  2. When they are completely moved out…that is reality.  gotaluv it when they come home!

  3. I think he is handsome in both pictures!Those glasses do bring back some memories.Hows all the Yoder Reunion details coming along?Your plate is always so full.Love You, ~Polly~

  4. hmmm suddenly she sees the other side??

  5. hehe….that’s pretty funny
    I found some of mine recently too, and I’ll have to say my kiddos weren’t impressed either…lol….

  6. Oh, yes, those big, old glasses! Our family has gone through many, many of them – the bigger, the better. That was “in”!!

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