This afternoon we had a small shower
for Raph’s Ohio Heart Throb.
Somehow it is easy to love the girls who love my sons!


The wedding is less than four weeks away.
The days grow short, my lists grow long.


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  1. It will all be ok and it will all fall into place and be beautiful!

  2. Will the wedding be in Ohio? It has to be a bit easier to have two sons’ wedding close together than two daughters’, right?I’m so glad to finally see your lovely face on your profile picture. It adds even more warmth and love to this blog.

  3. It’s the summer of love at your house!

  4. I love your new picture profile.  It must have been taken at the showere.  Your soon to be DIL looks lovely and in love!  Four weeks will fly by and as Lucy says all will fall into place and get done.  Is’nt that Parkinson’s Law, or something.

  5. Love the profile picture!

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