It’s September!!!

That means that the Pilgrims are coming to Shady Acres!

Yesterday, the first two pairs made their appearance.

 A Pilgrims a

I found this candle/warmer at Yankee Candle years ago.
It was stuffed up on a shelf, back out of the way.
With a sale price and a discount coupon, I think I paid all of $8.00 for it.
It is really my favorite.

A Pilgrims b1

When we were in Ohio at Raph and Regina’s wedding,
I found this little pilgrim couple at the “Amish Flea Market”
and decided to buy it instead of lunch.
I try to limit my purchases of pilgrims (and Manger scenes)
to no more than one a year, and this is my purchase for 2008.

I truly love the Harvest Season. 
This season of Grateful Praise doesn’t get enough attention (or celebration).
Which is why I like to get an early start.

And this morning I give praise for my family, my friends.
For sweet memories, and joyful anticipation.
For all that I’ve been given, and all that I am privileged to give.
For a home and a house to put it in.
For the joy of sins forgiven.
For the peace of today in the provision of my Heavenly Father.
And for the hope of Heaven that keeps me mindful of how tenuous our time here.

For those of us who believe, we really are pilgrims here.
Dear friends, we DARE NOT forget!


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  1. Lovely. Fall is such a beautiful time.

  2. Fabulous post.  Just after dark last night – a few hours after returning home from Maine – I could hear the big machinery harvesting corn next to our yard.  It is truly a wonderful time. 

  3. cute I have a whole Indian village of ppl to visit your pilgrims. 🙂 I collect native American figurines. I want to get some pilgrims too. HUGS I will be calling soon. Kids are sick today. 😦

  4. What a unique collection.  Someday when we have a bigger place with much more storage, I’d like to start a collection of some sort.  I guess it won’t be too much longer until the Christmas village appears!

  5. ….lovely, gets me in the season just looking at it. 

  6. I love your pilgrims! and thanks for the comment!

  7. I, too, love your pilgrims. I think the harvest celebration is far more lovely than halloween.

  8. oh I sure do like your Pilgrims!

  9. A nice post.  You inspire me to get some things out, too.

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