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  1. I was working in my office when Cerwin called and told me to turn on the TV.  I was watching TV and talking to him on the phone when the second plane hit.  That’s when we knew something was terribly wrong.  Cerwin was driving truck (hauling propane) in Philadelphia, where sirens were going.  He found out later that the sirens were for a different reason.  Needless to say we were concerned for his safety for awhile.  I was “glued” to the TV for the rest of the day – and got nothing done in the office.

  2. I was sleeping.  I lived in Seattle, WA and there is a 3 hour time difference. I didn’t hear about it until I was on my way to work listening to the radio.

  3. Israels and Lukes were in from Mich. and I was planning on a Yoder Supper that night. Diane Aycoth called me on the phone and wanted to know if I had seen the news. I quick turned on the T.V. and sat watching, stunned, and glued to the T.V. the whole day. I remember being paralized watching what was happeneing right before my eyes. My big supper plans went unattended all day!

  4. Babysitting.  As soon as the mom got back I picked Dillon up – the public schools closed quickly.

  5. The children and I were in the midst of homeschooling and I had the local christian radio station on   I heard that something had happened when the first plane hit the first tower …………….we grabbeda little tv we had and I went out side to plug it in to the outside antenna (that no longer came into the house )  so we could see what was happening.  The boys and I sat outside under the tree with our eyes glued to the little 13 tv screen

  6. Driving home from Seaford after taking Brianna to school. I had the radio on and called Mom as soon as I heard. Dad had gone to pick up corn for us to do that day so we stood outside husking, silking and listening to the radio. Occassionally someone went inside to check things out on the TV. Seeing that second tower fall was horrific. It wasn’t too long ’til I had to go pick Brianna back up as the schools were closing.

  7. I was training in a new replacement for my job – it was my last day.  I hardly realized what was happening until the first tower fell.     I drove home, hollared to wake up Kent (he had worked all night) and we both stood together, watching in horror, crying, me with my hand on my very pregnant belly.   It was scary bringing a child (Sarah) into the world in light of what had happened. 

  8. Me, my mom, and sister were having breakfast at Chik-Fil-A getting ready for a day of shopping.  My husband called us to let us know what was happening.  We listened to the radio the whole way to the mall.  All of the mall’s televisions were tuned in and people were standing around watching.  A lot of the stores closed up.  What a scary day!

  9. We were in bed, and the phone rang, and it was our friend Mark, Sean and him were getting together anyhow to go out to the beach to go clamming later that day, but Mark told us to turn on the tv, I remember sitting up in bed, and thinking it was an accident, but when the 2nd plane came around, it was no accident at all and I was just shocked and sadden. I wanted to go with Sean with Mark, cause I didn’t wanna be away from my safety “blanket” for a min. But I believe I had to work that day at the nursing home, so I remember peeking out at the tv on and off during my shift and shaking my head. I didn’t get to cry about it until I got home that evening and got in the shower. Sean told me when they were down at the beach, they saw 2 fighter jets, heading so fast towards DC. We later founded out that they were the ones that were going to protect the threat to the White House.God bless those that were lost that day and the ones that are still missing as wellRIP!I will never forget 9/11 cause it is the day after my b day

  10. wow I just blogged about this and read this post. We must be linked. :)<3

  11. I had the radio on and couldn’t believe what I was hearing isn’t it something how vivid something like this sticks in your mind just like when Kenedy was shot never will I forget that day either!

  12. I was at home doing laundry, morning chores etc… when I heard about it on the radio. I called my man, family and our school. it wasn’t long til they had nothing but news, prayer and scripture reading on the radio station I was listening to. I will always remember how comforting that was. When the children were sent home from school we had a time of prayer together. It was a day to remember.

  13. I was in labor. I was checking my email, knowing I was having Mackenzie that day and got a CNN breaking news so I took the kids to the back and put Barney on while I turned the news on and watched on tv till we left for the hospital. Very memorable day for us! ~Erica

  14. I was at school, but did not have any classes to teach that morning. So I sat in my classroom and listened to a NYC radio station that was watching the action and giving a blow-by-blow account as it happened. I called all our kids on my cell phone because I truly thought it was the end of the world and we might not ever see each other again here on earth. Later I went upstairs to the office where they had a TV on, and we teachers stood there in horrified silence as we watched the buildings come down and people running everywhere.

  15. We learned the news from our son who lives in NYC. I was glad to hear it from his own mouth and didn’t have to wonder at all if he was okay. He saw one of the towers come down from a distance.

  16. In eighth grade, actually in class when the first towers collapsed. Got home when the second towers collapsed and heard that in the news.Luckily no one I know did die, but still tragic images of that day is in my head.

  17. I was getting up and going to school and my roommate woke me up to tell me the first plane had hit!

  18. My children and I were going to make pizza sauce, when my husband called from work saying that a plane had hit the WTC.  He wanted me to see what was going on.  We turned on the radio, and kept listening all day to NPR.  I especially remember a harrowing live feed from a reporter who was in one of the adjacent buildings, and the obvious terror in her voice as she described the noise, the fire, the smoke and dust. And then the announcer said in the most amazed tone, “The south tower (I think) has just collapsed!”
    Rumors were swirling about other planes flying, it was one of the most terrifying days that I recall.
    But, we did manage to get our pizza sauce done.

  19. I was canning peaches and listening to the radio. When the first tower was hit, I thought, “That is strange.” Before long I heard that the second tower was hit also, and I thought, “This was not accidental.”

  20. I was at church in the nursery, taking care of the children of mothers who were coming to the weekly Bible study.  A lady came in and said that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers.  We couldn’t believe it.  Then someone else stopped by to report that a second plane had hit the other tower.  We knew then that something other than an accident had happened.  I called my husband at work, and he said everyone at his office was gathered around the television.  When I got home I called our friend, Martha, who lives in New Jersey and asked if she’d heard from her husband Alan.  She had called him because one of the cats had damaged the mini-blinds in the living room.  Alan said, “there’s another explosion…I gotta go.”  That was the last time she ever talked to him.  After searching for him in all the hospitals and having the police come to the house to gather DNA, Martha finally had a memorial service for him in October.  To my knowledge, they never found even a trace of him.  Martha was left with 13- and 10-year-old sons.  That “explosion” was the second plane coming in below where Alan’s office was located.  He and the others left, but when they switched elevators at the 68th floor, Alan wasn’t among them on the second elevator.  They don’t know if he went to help someone or what happened.  Our Christian school immediately went into “lock down” because we were within a half hour of Dearborn, MI, which has one of the largest populations of Middle Easterners outside of the Middle East.  Needless to say, things were rather tense for a few weeks because of slurs and hate crimes directed toward those people, most of whom were just as agast at the whole thing as the rest of us.  It’s hard to believe that Alan has been gone for 7 years already.  Fortunately he was a believer; that’s the only consolation in this ugly scenario. 

  21. I was canning peaches and listening to the radio. When the first tower was hit, I thought, “That is strange.” Before long I heard that the second tower was hit also, and I thought, “This was not accidental.”

  22. It still shocks me and is unbelieveable to me even after 7 years that this happened. So very sad, so very evil.

  23. I was at work in a staff meeting – I had just gotten a text page from Erica saying that she was in labor and would let me know when they left for the hospital.  Just as I was getting ready to read to my co-workers (who had been waiting with me for this baby to arrive), our receptionist came in and told us to turn on the tv; that a plane had crashed into the tower in NYC – what a day of roller coaster emotions!  I remember thinking how important it is that we KNOW God is in control!!!

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