Oh, NO!

I stepped out my back door unto my deck and found one of my rail window boxes upside down on the deck.

We are almost to the time of the ending of the flowers. 

I do not think it will recover.

But guess what!!!  I think this is the first season that I haven’t had this happen sometime during mid-summer in a storm or wind or something.  And usually when one goes, there are three or four.

So, just ONE, this late in the season, is not so bad.

It does remind me that I should get my resourceful husband to think of a way to make them more stable.

He could do that, I bet!!!


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  1. Oy!
    But I also think CM can solve your problem.

  2. oh dear  but you are right better now then in June or July! 
    Looks like what my dog did to some of our plants ;-(

  3. CM will certainly handle that problem eaily. It must just be a matter of him finding the time.

  4. I’m sorry! It still feels not-so-good in September, I’d think…but like you said flower time is nearly over and fall time with leaves and harvests,etc, is beginning!

  5. heres a thought… 2 bungee cords… get the right length probably short… hook one side over the lip of one side of the planter.. down under the top railing back up the other side and hook over the lip of the planter… do the same for the other end. that should help keep the boxes in place.

  6. I think CM could make a small lip on both sides of the top rail there.  That would help them from sliding!

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