It looks like Malinda’s Baby Shower will be inside — though the kids can still play outside if they want to.  Swings, bikes, basketball, horseshoes, tetherball, even soccer if there are enough and someone organizes it!  It’s just too damp for fine ladies to sit around outside.  (At least, as of this hour of evaluation.)

Time: 2:00 here at Shady Acres.

And it’s still not too late to tell me you are coming.

Even two o’clock isn’t too late to just show up!


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  1. If only I could be there……..

  2. love to be there but alas I am to far away!

  3. We will be seeing you then!

  4. I will be there too, I thought the invite said 2:30 though…that is what I told my babysitter lol

  5. We had a wonderful time and the kids had fun too!  Even if some did escape and got soaked outside!

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