The gals
Me and My Gals (minus Jessica)
 at Youngest Daughter’s 18th Birthday Party.

Gina, Chris, Me, Rach and Beeba
Oh, what a night it was!


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  1. And I wish her a Happy Birthday!
    Nice picture of you and your gals!

  2. You are blessed! Holly said she loved the evening. Happy Birthday to Rachael girl… and may she have many more.

  3. What did you guys do?Hope Rachel had a lovely b day!

  4. I can hardly believe that she is already 18….Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Rach!  Looks like everyone’s baby had their birthday this week but mine! LOL

  6. What a sweet picture. You are so blessed. Can Rachel really be 18? What are her grownup plans?

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