I know that I have been very silent on here — I’m not mad, sad or (thankfully!) injured.  I’ve just been inordinately occupied!  Anyhow!  I wanted to make this announcement for our local friends:

Tonight at 7:00
There will be a 40+ voice choir
@ Laws Mennonite Church

4874 Carpenter Bridge Rd
Felton, DE 19943

(Our little country church @ the corner of Carpenter Bridge and Canterbury Roads)

The touring Chorus
 Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute
Is going to be there to give a program.
Everyone is welcome.
This group is exceptional, and if you enjoy acapella choral music, you will certainly enjoy this. 

As always, we will be honored to have YOU join us!


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  1. “Inordinately occupied” is a nicer way of saying very busy. Enjoy your evening.

  2. It would surely be pleasure to ears and heart to join you there, but alas the miles between are too far, and travel from here in mid-winter, with animals at home, is nearly impossible. Blessings to you all, celebrating “God with us”.mw

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