What a wonderful time we’ve been having at Shady Acres!

Christmas RS 058

My girls and me at the Christmas Open house that our family had for the friends from Certain Man’s office.

Christmas RS 141
We have a shortage of boys at church,
so Rachel was King Herod in the
Nativity play at the annual church sing-along.

Christmas RS 128
Pretty much the best picture of the season
for Eldest Son and his gal.
They left this morning to spend some time with her family.

Christmas RS 110

Absolutely my favorite picture
of Eldest Daughter and Her Favorite!

Christmas RS 099
Middle Daughter is the great fixer of eye-glasses
that came out on the wrong side of an
“across the room” pitch.  No permanent damage.

Christmas RS 103
Eldest Son’s favorite gift,
(though it hurt Beloved Son-in-law’s heart to have to buy it!)

Christmas RS 089
Middle Daughter was also taking pictures1
(Which I have yet to see, but I am sure are better than mine!)

Christmas RS 095
Certain Man opening the present of interest of the night!

Christmas RS 097
Middle Daughter had his name —
and went way over the $30.00 limit
to purchase this Ship’s Clock
that he had been wanting for a very long time.
She found it at an antique mall and has had it in hiding for a very long time.
To say that he was pleased would be an understatement.
For those of you who know anything about a ship’s clock,
you will also agree that this is an understatement:
Some were a little annoyed when he chose
to run it all the way around
And let it boing out the time for each and every strike.
There is a reason that so little a clock
can be heard in all parts of a big ship.

Christmas RS 116
Youngest Son played his guitar for his Momma.

Christmas RS 118
These four entertained themselves by snapping pictures with Mom’s camera.

Some of the pictures really weren’t impressive:
Christmas RS 123

But some were hilarious!
Christmas RS 124

These happy days are passing so quickly.
And I feel almost devoid of cognitive thought
or creative energy.
I just want to savor these quickly passing days.

Sweet, Happy Days to all my Xanga Friends.


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  1. Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful warm and cozy time for all of you!

  2. Your pictures brought a much-needed smile and laugh this morning.   thank you and I’m so glad you were all together!

  3. I had someone swipe my camera Christmas day and take some strange pics also!  I had thought I should not post them but now I am thinking maybe I should!

  4. ryc: about your first home………We returned to this apartment 40 years after we lived there and found the outside of these duplex apartments just as we left them, very nicely built of concrete block with flat roofs. The floors were cement slabs with tile on top. This was in Florida where a tiny space heater heated the apartment. I think I could easily live there today but would have to get rid of 95% of our things…but that would be okay. The apartments rented for $50 a month and RL worked for the landlady for $1 an hour taken off our rent so we never actually paid rent. He was in the military at the time. We grew very fond of our land lady who was a widow. She seemed to be fond of us also and appreciated having a good handy-man. She let me borrow books from her vast library. She escaped Germany in the early 1930’s with her husband. They began to build these apartments and lived in one as they expanded. He passed away before he was able to move into their newly built lovely home on the beach within walking distance of the duplexes they built. Talk about stirring memories…………

  5. Savoring the days — I know the feeling! All too soon everyone goes home, and we all get back into the real world. Family time is soooooo special!

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