My Sweet Mama is 80 years old today!

She took me aside and fiercely admonished me that she DOES NOT WANT ANY FUSS!!!

“NOW LISTEN TO ME, MARY ANN,” She said with THE LOOK, “I MEAN IT!  YOU HAVE TO PROMISE ME!!!”  (etc., etc., etc, , , )

I remember a day when I was a little girl and my daddy (Who loved nothing better than a big, noisy gathering) called a neighbor (who was also a good friend) and got her to invite all the neighbors in for a birthday party for Mama.  We kids were terribly excited, and one of us let it slip.  She was terrified.  She flew to the phone and called Mrs. Pittman (Dad’s cohort in crime) who was clearly in a pickle.  “Only Dot and I are coming,” she lied.  Poor Mama, whether it was two or 15, it unnerved her.  She flew into a frenzy of cleaning and getting ready and in the evening, there were a whole bunch of neighbors there.  Perhaps I get my love of a crowd, the more diverse, the better, from my Daddy.   I remember him that night.  He had gotten together some games (of all things!)  One was to divide the whole group in half, and hold a blanket between the two groups.  A person from each group would stand directly on either side of the blanket, and when it was dropped, the first one to call the name of the other person got a point for their side.  I remember old Arley Taylor (the one with the double thumbs on each hand) laughing so hard he almost split himself, and my Daddy’s eyes–Oh, my Daddy’s eyes!  They were happy and alive and shining.  He loved every minute of it.

He loved my Sweet Mama so much, and I sometimes wonder how he didn’t know that parties like that were more for him than for her.  But it made great memories for the children, if nothing else.  Our Mama could cook up a storm, and have all sorts of company, but if the attention was focused on her, she was just plain uncomfortable.

So, we aren’t planning a party.  We aren’t planning a card shower.  But you could go over to her site: 
(Click on link below

EDIT:  If this link doesn’t work, try typing it into your browser and it should go that way.  It works for me — and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t for some of you.  It won’t work when I click from the comment page, but it goes straight there when I click from here.  Anyhow, you can always click on her address there on the left under my subscriptions, too.

and wish her a happy birthday.

I surely do love you, Mama.  You were the best Mama any of us could have ever asked for.  We didn’t know how good we had it, but I think it has sunk in just a little bit.  I’m thankful, once again, that God spared your life that terrible year when things looked so dark.  Happy Birthday!  And many more!


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  1. BEG, thank you for your good wishes on my site! You have such a wonderful way of getting words to say the most caring thoughts. I must agree that sleep is a very important factor in weight loss. If you have sleep apnea like I do (Mine is obstructive, a kind way of saying, I SNORE!), and you are fitted with a mask like me, you will lose weight! I did! But even if you don’t have my issue, I, too, have heard that sleep does contribute to weight loss. I will stop by your Mama’s site and wish her well. I loved your story about the party. I hope you are archiving your entries for those future grandchildren!!!!

  2. I tried to go to you Mama’s site, but it did not work. Give her my good wishes personally, please!

  3. @Dominie – I think I fixed it, but I will pass it on, Sweet Dominie

  4. @Dominie –  For some reason, I think you need to click on the link from the original posting and not from the comments page. I don’t know why, and I don’t have the know how to figure it out. Does anyone else have problems?

  5. Happy birthday sweet mama. Does She has friends Lock on?

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mama – I couldn’t get to her site either but certainly wish her a wonderful day!

  7. What a nice thing to do for your Sweet Mama. I found the link from your page worked as  it should for me.

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