Okay, time for some lighter fare:

What would you do with an oversized teacup
that your daddy gave you for Christmas???

Christmas 178


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  1. Leave it to Chris!!  LOL.   It gave me a good laugh at 2am when i couldn’t sleep.
    WHERE did he get it?

  2. That is a cute picture of your daughter with the cup.  But for reality—a live plant in it would probably look really good, maybe an african violet.

  3. cute……..I potted a plant in mine 🙂  But it wasn’t near as beautiful as the one planted in this one…upside down. 
    (It could be a cute beverage container at a party as well.)

  4. This is soooo funny……..I am hoping the cup was empty when Chris did this LOL

  5. wow, you wouldn’t have to refill that cup all day long, might have to drink cold coffee though….lol…..

  6. Heh!  She could attend the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland and fit right in!  I bet that’s what her dad had in mind too.  =D

  7. Too funny, too cute!I want one of those, LOLfor my coffee and tea …j/k

  8. The cafe down the street uses theirs for planters!!!!

  9. ryc: Dental trouble is so painful! I do not believe in tax payer provided government  medical care one bit but I think dental benefits would be really useful for all of us. You can go years and years without needing a doctor or the hospital but everyone needs a yearly trip to the dentist. It is so expensive.

  10. I will be thinking of you at the dentist today. I am glad you could start the day making a funny post. Just think of all the funny things you can while getting that crown. Then go have lunch with your sisters, but be careful that you don’t bite your cheek!

  11. Does Chris still have that cup and saucer on her head?

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