Certain Man’s Wife took her poor left knee to the doctor yesterday.  They X-rayed both knees “for comparison.”

“Which knee did you say was hurting?” asked the puzzled technician.

“It’s my left,” said CMW, cheerfully.  “It’s actually what I call my good knee.  Usually it’s my other knee that is giving me trouble, but whatever happened on Saturday night happened to my left knee.  And it really hurt!”

“H-m-m-m-m-m.” said the tech, “I would certainly think it would be the right one.”

CMW pondered the fact that she might not look smart enough to tell her left from her right, but she actually can remember which hand she eats with and yes, checking it out, it was the left knee that was hurting.

Back in the examination room, the PA looked over the X-rays and did a thorough examination.  “Well, he said, “I can’t really tell what is wrong here, but I am inclined to think it is a meniscus tear under the knee cap.   And,” he added kindly, “this knee is is far better shape than the other knee.  It is stable, it has range of motion and it is just a far better knee than the other one.  I know it is hurting you, but the general condition of the knee is far better.”

CMW looked at the X-rays of the two knees, side by side on the lighted window and felt her heart sink down somewhere near to where the knees were located on her body.  The right one really does look pretty bad.  It is bone on bone, off set by a half an inch, has a spur sticking out the side, and a white collar of something or other that is tracing its way through the joint.  The strange thing is, that though it is sometimes stiff, and sometimes doesn’t want to work quite right, it really doesn’t hurt.  There have been a few times when she has had a cortisone shot in it when it was hurting, and it seemed to do better, and so, even though she realizes since the left knee has begun to give her trouble, that she favors the right a great deal, it hasn’t been a defining condition of her life.

Last night, after the left knee did another painful turn, and didn’t want to settle down, CMW lay wakeful in the dark and thought about all the stuff that this could mean.  If this left knee doesn’t settle down with the shot it got yesterday — If the MRI shows something serious —  if the right knee doesn’t hold up under the added strain of the good knee being out of sorts — IF  — IF — IF —  It was a good time to pray, she decided.  And so, until the Vicodin did its work, the prayers stayed to the anxious thoughts and calmed her uncertainties.

And then she read in God’s word this morning that He cares for her.  That He has the storm and the waves and the unknowns in His hands.  That He uses the things that seem like such a mistake or such a misfortune for good, and it is not up to the humans to decide what that good is going to be.

And so, today she is hobbling around — carefully.  If she had been more careful last night, the knee probably wouldn’t have twisted again.  Cecilia is home with a stomach virus.  Certain Man is home, working on remolding Youngest Daughter’s bedroom, and there are many things to take the attention of Certain Man’s wife.  Which is what she is going to go do now — dishes, putting away manger scenes, and hopefully doing some sitting down to the paperwork that has stacked up.

Which is another thing.  Do any of you ladies find that when you really have a reason to sit and do things like paperwork, or correspondence or such that you always see the things that NEED to be done that prevent you from doing the very things that would be best for you to do and need to be done anyhow?   My kids think I am crazy, but it is very hard to do sit down work when there is housework that needs to be done.  And today is no exception.  I need to get some things done so I can sit down in peace and CONCENTRATE!

Blessings, dear friends.  Could you say a prayer for this bum knee?   THANKS.


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  1. I have bad knees, and it is common for the “good” one to hurt if it is caring more of the lode. You have a few choices sit now and delay some form of tretment or push it now and live with the soon to come consiquences. I have a hard time with this as well. After my last c-section I just couldn’t let tings be and now over a year later am still recovering and having pain. God bless

  2. oh boy, sounds too familiar, just got back from taking Steve to the doctor for his left knee, they did an MRI today to try and figure out whats going on,  they drew fluid off yesterday and today, and were worried about an infection, but they ruled that out, so hopefully they’ll find something on the scan today.  He was VERY miserable last night……saying a prayer for you too!  I’m sure you two could really sympathize with each other right now….=(

  3. I do hope and pray that all will be well with you my Dear BEG. Having pain is certainly no fun. Take care and keep us posted.

  4. Many prayers are going to heaven on your behalf!  Blessings on you!

  5. I can relate to the knee problems. I had knee surgery when I was 19 or 20. All went well after the operation and recovery time seemed short, I was back to playing softball in 3 months. My problem was also a torn miniscus. My surgery was done orthroscopically, the only evidence is 3 little scars about 3/8″ long.

  6. Sorry about all that pain, Mary Ann. This getting old and the pains that often goes with it is no fun. I had both my knees replaced (on the same day) over ten years ago. I understand how much you hurt and will keep you in my prayers. Albert

  7. hang in there…….you are in my prayers

  8. I’m so sorry your knees aren’t cooperating with your lifestyle. I pray the Lord will show you what to do and when and provide for all your needs.

  9. I know all about knee problems. I send my prayers upward for you. Do try to sit a little!

  10. I meant to add that your description of the visit to the doc made me chuckle, not because you are hurting, but the cute way you told the story.

  11. I am praying for a total Healing of your Knee ,It is something how are bodies are made 🙂

  12. I believe that God was blessing your other “bad” knee so that there wasn’t any pain.  Those doctors really take the cake!  Asking you if you were sure which knee hurts!!

  13. I sent you a note on your message-me–You can see my confussion–Need to stop–Gene and Sharon just arived for a brief stay–Merle

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