I’ve had some questions about the arrangements
 for Aunt Ruth.

They are as follows:

Viewing: Wednesday, 3/18/09, 6-9 pm
at Greenwood Mennonite Church

Funeral and Burial: Thursday, 3/19/09
1:30 pm at Greenwood Mennonite Church

Meal following at Greenwood Mennonite School.

If anyone has any questions, they can message me, or call me.

This is the picture of Uncle Eli’s family
from the Yoder family reunion last summer

Uncle Eli's Family
All of their children are on this picture
except their middle daughter, Esther.
In the back row, second from the left is their
Oldest Son, David, and next to him is their
Youngest Son, Philip.  Then there is a son in law,
(Kent Slavin) and beside Kent is their second son, Joe.
Next is their third son, James. 
(James has a beard, and is often mistaken for Certain Man!)
In the front row from the left,
is their youngest daughter, Lucy,
and beside her is their oldest daughter, Leona.
For those who wouldn’t know,
the couple in the front row is Uncle Eli and Aunt Ruth.
(and of course, the rest are extended family members)


I couldn’t resist adding this picture from around 1952:

Uncle Eli's family 1952

From left to right:
Esther, David, Aunt Ruth (holding Lucy)
Uncle Eli (holding James) Leona and Joe.
(Philip had not been born yet)

She will be missed!

Ruth Elizabeth (Yoder) Bontrager
July 16, 1918 — March 15, 2009



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  1. My sympathy to her family and friends, although they know she is with Jesus they will miss her.

  2. Oh my!  From that pic from 1952 I can see that Eli certainly left his stamp on grandson Caleb!!  =)

  3. Your family has my condolences, she was a sweet lady. I remember her hugs and house the most.

  4. God bless you and your family as you say farewell to a special lady. 
    How is your knee?  Are you able to take care of yourself with all that is happening?

  5. Blessings to you all there in my favorite Delaware neighborhood. We’d join you on Thursday if we were out there.mw

  6. Love that old family picture at the end.  Sorry for your loss.  Shan

  7. Mary Ann, Thanks for sharing the picture! I have fond memories of being babysat at Eli and Ruth’s if Mom had a Dr.’s appointment in Milford or something. The saints keep marching home, don’t they! Ruth’s uncle, Jonas Frey, Plain City, United Bethel, died week before last. That leaves Aunt Verna in FairPlay, SC with Clairs and the youngest Clara Frey at 80 on Willowbend Circle in Plain City. My Dad’s oldest brother has 5 brain tumors he’s suffering with. Best wishes on your knee recovery as well as your Mom! I’m recovering from another abdominal hernia repair. Ralph Dickerson

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