Grandpa with his grandbaby

Grandpa and Baby boo 4
Hello, Pretty Baby,

Grandpa and Baby Boo 2
You might as well get used to him, little girl.

Mama, Grandpa and Baby Boo
Hey, little one!  Do you know how long we’ve waited for you?

Grandpa and Baby Boo 1
I want to hold her just a little longer . . .


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  1. Grandpa, you look good with a granddaughter in your arms. 

  2. Grandpa looks like he knows how to hold this sweet little bundle!

  3. What a proud Grandpa!! She doesn’t look like she is complaining much either!

  4. Congratulations to the whole family !!!Miriam

  5. awwww…Im so happy for you all!

  6. Hey, fellow Grandpa! Congratulations! Isn’t it absolutely great!

  7. How precious, love the picture of lil boo and daddy together

  8. those pics just make me smile and smile

  9. where’s ones of you with her anyway???

  10. how wonderful & precious, congrats!

  11. Congratulations to the new Grandpa and Grandma!!! I’m so happy for each of you that I could just burst!!!!!!

  12. Boo looks so wee when grampy holds her.  Soooo precious.  You know, don’t you, that she’s still going to get “Baby Boo” even after she has a name?  LOL 

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