Misc Rach, Baby, Lem's Grad 232

This is one more picture from the graduation that I wanted to put on.
It was taken at the convocation for the Social Work Program
on Friday afternoon.  Lem was the only male in this particular social work section.

On the left is one of our two precious daughters in law, Jessica.
Beside her is our graduate —
who is also Jessica’s husband and our youngest son, Lem.
(Oh, and Lem has a birthday today. He is 23!)
The last two are Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife.
We really did have a splendid weekend.
But oh, how wonderful it is to be home.



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  1. I am glad your knee was as good as it was, but I am thankful you got home safely ! Miriam

  2. Congrats to Lem!  I do recall a day once upon a time 23 years ago that not one, but two mamas were in labor at the same time.  Or I was on the way out and you were on the way in…I don’t remember…I’ve slept since then.  Anyway, my boy was 23 on the 4th.  Can you believe it?!  WHERE have the years gone?!  And I thought back in those days that THESE days would never actually get here!  Now I’m all nostalgic and sentimental.  See what you made me do?  =D

  3. Will he be continuing school or entering the wonderful world of social work? The lucky people who will get him for a social worker! And I mean that sincerely.I needed some comic relief last evening, so I pulled out my file called “Mary Ann Yutzy’s stories.” One I got a good laugh over was the time you had parent teacher conferences for Lem.

  4. Congrats and am glad that the trip was good and ya’ll got home safely including the newest member of the family

  5. you should be proud what an achievement!

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