Our little baby is all grown up and graduating from high school . . .




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  1. Congratulations! What a very nice family picture!

  2. Awesome family picture….

  3. What a wonderful family photo!  Conrats to the graduate!

  4. Congratulations, and what a happy looking family  =)

  5. that went fast didn’t it.

  6. A very nice graduation ceremony.  I think the red high heels clinched it!  =D  Congratuations Rachel!

  7. I mean congratulations.  Monday is not my day to spell well.  =D  It is my day to ryhme all the time.  LOL

  8. nice family photo. Congratulations Rachel

  9. That’s a right fine family picture!  It’s just amazing to see those who were so young during our sojourn in Delware now grown up!  But that was 10 years ago that we rented that rancher where your daughter now resides.  How time does fly.

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