I had the sweetest surprise by mail today.  One of my Mama’s cousins, Mary Alice (Slabaugh) Fouts sent me a mysterious envelope.  When I opened it, I found the following note: 

Dear Mary Ann-
   Found this pic. while cleaning out photos . . . I think we may have sent your parents one at the time, tho-  I’m not sure of that.  Anyway, isn’t this a good picture?  I just love it, and it reminds me of a very special visit that we had.  Thought you and your dear Mama should have it.

               Love in our Saviour-
                           Mary Alice


And this is the picture she included:


Daddy and Mama0001

My Precious Daddy and my Sweet Mama, 11-25-85



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  1. I love old photos!! I have quite a few of my ancestors that date back to the 1800’s. Hope you have a blessed Lords day tomorrow!!

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