Letter from Deborah

Dear Mom,

Just a note to say that we are once again safe in a hostel. We stayed at the Milan train station last night, and it was fine, although a lot uncomfortable.
I tried to twitter where we were the night before- did it come through?
We had an amazing night in Andorra at a campground, staying in a little room called “Refugi”. It was a refuge for us. Our bus left for France the next morning at 0500, and our bus driver got us to Toulouse, France, faster than I would have thought possible. From there we caught the train to Marsailles and we went to the Chateau D’if! We had a little over an hour between trains in Marsailles, and ran down to the waterfront, caught a ferry to the island, jumped out, took a picture, jumped back on, ran back to the train station and made our train with 5 minutes to spare! It was great!
We saw the Duomo of Italy today, walked up 463 stairs to the top, and looked out all over the city. Yea! Then we walked over to the Academy Gallery (English name), and saw David. Both Rachel and Holly agreed with me that he was worth every penny to see. We’ll see if they’ll think the same thing about the other two museums tomorrow.
I wrote on my facebook that you would be posting updates for me, so if you would, I would be grateful. We only get 45 minutes online, and I need to hurry. We do want to get some pictures, and the boys said they would post some, but they wanted a comment, because NO ONE comments on their blog. 🙂
And I also wanted to give Dad a message. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDY! Rach and I both love you and miss you. We saw a clock today that is a 24 hour clock that ran backwards, I took a picture, and we thought about you. We also saw a garden that reminded us of you in Spain. I just wanted to let you know that we will be thinking of you tomorrow, and each day. Love you very much Daddy!
Love you very much, and I miss you. I hope you have a wonderful day, tell Laws hi from us if you get this in time.
And I’ll write again when I get the chance.
Deborah (and Rachel for the part for Dad)

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