Those of you who raise chickens in tunnel  houses in HOT slower lower Delaware will grasp the magnitude of our gratefulness to the Heavenly Father for His divine protection and provision for us last night.  I really don’t think it will be lost on the rest of you, either.

We were without electricity in a full chicken house for approximately 30 minutes last evening.  Both of us were praying fervently for wisdom and strength and courage and help and most of all, that God would somehow keep the birds alive in the stifling house.   We couldn’t run lights and fans last night, so Daniel wasn’t able to evaluate our losses last night.  We hoped that they would be minimal, but it is so hard to predict in situations like this.

When Daniel went to pick up the dead this morning, there were:


As in seven chickens.

Not seven hundred.

Not seven thousand.


And these are
“50 day old birds”
that are heavy for their age.

This is nothing but an incredible intervention by an Almighty God

I call it miraculous!

We give grateful praise.

Our God is an awesome God!



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  1. So glad to hear that! Praise God!

  2. Mama, we are sitting in the Lakes District, wishing we could be there to help in the night and rejoice in the morning. I am so glad and grateful that everything turned out the way it did. God is so good!!!! Only 5 more sleeps!!

  3. I am praising God with you!


  5. Praise God-I was concerned for you yesterday and hoped all would turn out well-am rejoicing with you!

  6. Praise God!! That is so awesome! God knows there are those times that we need that extra touch of His!

  7. Wow!!!  That’s amazing we serve an awesome  great big God!

  8. A chicken grower’s worst nightmare averted.  Only God- that was a sure disaster without Him.  So glad He worked it out for you.

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