One last letter from the girls . . .

I got this letter this afternoon and I decided that you would all enjoy it, so here it is:

Dear Mom,

We are MOST excited about seeing you all but since you asked, this is our list of things we would really like for you to bring to the airport.

Holly: (Pass this on to Aunt Polly PLEASE!)

-mint tea (Very cold!!)
-turkey sandwich made with turkey from Ronnie’s store
-cell phone


-Milk (cold)
-Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on mom’s bread and JIF peanut butter please.


-Cell phone! (PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Water (very cold and from our fridge!)
-I am going to ask for a salad on the way home…. Most likely or for coffee… It depends on the food on the plane.

Anything yummy you have lying around you can bring us. If someone wants to wow us with a coffee cake (definitely high on our list) or Christina’s lemon cake or pecan pie (only holly wants this one…. :)) but nothing with chocolate for Beebs. She wants to sleep good.

We are right now so tired and I (Rach) am getting hungry AGAIN and we all have headaches. We are ready to be home. So so so so ready. We love you and miss you something ferocious. (Holly misses her mom and loves her too… Just as much ….and you too!)

The Three Weary Museumed-out, Campground-out, Spidered-out, Storebought fooded-out, and Tired out, but very happy European Travlers.


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3 responses to “One last letter from the girls . . .

  1. Love it….and praying they arrive safely home on time!

  2. It was so good to see Holly at church on Sunday morning, and know they were safely home!!

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