I am such a happy girl tonight!

Today, my cousins stopped for a visit and both of my sisters were here to work on our family calendar.  We haven’t seen Daniel for a long time, and it was wonderful to see him.  He and Julia were here to move their daddy, my Uncle Elmer Hostetler, to an extended care facility.  We got this picture, and I think it is priceless!!!




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  1. Julia Ann & Daniel Ray!!  Haven’t seen them in years and years and years!  =)))

  2. I can see their visit made you happy – just by looking at your eyes.

  3. @Suzyquekau – We did always call Daniel by a double name, Sue, and you almost have it right — but it was WAYNE, not ray.  He will still answer to it, but I guess he prefers “Daniel” just as Julia prefers just “Julia” or “Jules” to Julia ANN.

  4. Of course it’s Daniel Wayne!  I got him confused with a  Daniel Ray I knew in elementary school.  *_*

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